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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Special K Footbag

Special K metal filled footbag

Special K Footbag

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Brand: Dirtbag

SKU: spk14

Our newest offering to date is the all new Special K footbag. This footbag is filled with stainless steel pellets adding a small amount of ground up recycled rubber to give a cushiony feel on the foot when played. It is a flow circle footbag in that it stalls like a dream but also delivers an exceptional kicking experience. Not too heavy or not too light, we think you will like it. A very "Special K" shout out to our good friend Kevin Courtney aka, the real Special K for lending us his moniker and also his camp for design of the Special K logo. Special K...Perfect for FreeFlow footbag...just enough bounce to keep the Flow going and magic happening, just enough weight to delay and do tricks...

Diameter: 2.2"

Weight: 65 grams