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PT Pro Juggle Ball

Phat Tyre Pro juggling Ball by Flying Clipper

PT Pro Juggle Ball

Price: $13.00 Sale $9.00

Brand: Tossaball


Rubber filled odds and ends.

*These balls are reduced as odds and ends and are therefore subject to grading for matching balls within an ordered set..

Diameter: 2.55″
Weight: 110 grams

95% fill ratio

Image 4.5 stars out of 5

I've had a set of the LD Pros for a few months now and while I really enjoy those for working on 7, 8, and 9, they feel a little small in my hands for certain other tricks. So I decided on trying a set of these.

Pros: -The quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. -Customer service is always wonderful. -Fabric feels super soft yet durable. Also has great grip. -Size is absolutely perfect for what I'm wanting. Big enough for regular 3-5 ball stuff, while small enough for numbers as well. And they fit magnificently into multiplex patterns. -These are my first balls using the rubber filling, and I gotta say... it's AWESOME. It's probably the softest and smoothest filling I've ever felt. I understand why people have compared juggling these style balls to juggling big marshmallows.

Cons: (kinda) -This is barely a con and I'd give 4 1/2 stars if I could. They were definitely saggier than I assumed they'd be. The site lists them at 90% filled, but looking at them and feeling them it sure seems lower than that. However, I think I'm really liking the way they turned out. There's nothing really wrong with them; they just weren't exactly what I was expecting (not necessarily a bad thing). So for anyone looking to buy these, remember they are a little underfilled.

Overall, I'd recommend these for sure.

FLYING CLIPPER ANSWER: Keith got the last orange balls in inventory and they were a little softer in nature than the usual run but good balls in their own right.

Reviewed Thu, May 21 2020 9:31 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Quantifying the craftsmanship and indeed the experience of juggling these balls is not easy...

You would be wrong for thinking a filling of recycled tyre rubber was a gimmick. Itís not. Itís almost as though this filling was destined for this use. The marriage between filling, filling volume and fabric is precision artistry. They are a joy to juggle. They implore you to juggle them, and every time you do you find something new to appreciate about them.

They are good for numbers juggling and I suggest appropriate across the whole spectrum of juggling skill levels: from beginner to professional.
Reviewed Sat, Nov 29 2014 10:55 am by
Image 4.0 stars out of 5
These balls are really great. The feel of the balls is unique for sure, and I like this most compared with all the juggling ball types I have (and they're a lot of them). Why 4/5 is for me a bit of wobbly feeling while catching the balls - this might be individual. Nevertheless I can strongly recommend them making juggling a more fun experience.
Reviewed Sun, Oct 19 2014 6:02 am by
Image 4.0 stars out of 5
I cannot recommend these balls enough. They are a joy to practice and play with. As a first time beginner, I wasn't sure what I was wading into, but I have nothing but the highest commendations for the quality of the craftsmanship and the customer service in ensuring that I had a right fit for what has become dozens of hours of practice.

Jim was a patient accommodating man who understands what it is to do a quality job. When my previous order wasn't what I had precisely wanted, we went back and forth until I was able to find something that has kept me entertained every day since. The only extra cost was the shipping, which I can only say is very reasonable thing to ask after such care.

The weight is beautifully balanced as the ball nicely keeps it shape as its flying through the air due to the multi-panel stitching. This ensures that the fill is evenly distributed throughout the bag, and it lands in your hands with a good "thump". Break them in and you are sure to be thrilled by what you find.

My only comment - and why 4 stars instead of 5 - is that as a female juggler, I have smaller hands which can sometimes make catches difficult. I would love to see this ball at a smaller diameter, but I would say that 2.55" is not a bad size generally.

All told, I love these balls and the quality of the craftsmanship and care of customer service goes above and beyond.
Reviewed Sun, Jul 20 2014 2:42 pm by