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Plush Puppy Juggle Ball

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Plush Puppy Juggle Ball

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The new Tossaball Plush Puppy juggle ball from Flying Clipper is our new hands and feet juggle ball. Peter Irish is the master of hands and feet juggling and here is what he has to say:
"The Flying Clipper Plush Puppies are one of best juggling balls on the market for hands and feet juggling. This is the ball I have been searching for for years. Once I got a hold of them, I immediately retired my old balls, and began using these full time. The require virtually no break-in, are a great consistency for stalls and body catches, yet they retain their roundness and don't "pancake". These balls are undoubtedly the best resource for any juggler who wants to integrate the hands and feet together in their juggling. The colors are some of the brightest and most beautiful of any juggling balls I've ever seen, which is so important for performing. I have used these balls in several shows and dozens of performances and have been completely satisfied. As well as all this, they are FUN to juggle, and have a feel like no other ball. I am grateful to Flying Clipper (and amazed) for creating a ball that exceeds my expectations for exactly what I do. I completely recommend these balls for any type of juggling, and especially for my specialty of juggling with the hands and the feet at the same time. Huge thanks to Flying Clipper!"

Weight: 120 grams
Diameter: 3"

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Plush Puppies

Just got my shipment of Plush Puppies juggling balls, along with a handy little carrying bag. I love them. The weight is good, the colors bright and fun, and they're easy to manipulate. Time to get my chops up once again. I've bought juggling balls, footbags, and twiddle sticks (back when Flying Clipper still made them {AND THEY WERE THE BEST!!}--Please make them again). I've always had great luck with Flying Clipper products, and their service is outstanding. Jim is a great guy. Highly, highly, highly recommended!! Did I say highly? I meant it.

Reviewed Thu, Sep 22 2016 12:00 am by