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PT 12 Juggle Ball

Juggling Balls | Phat Tyre 12 Juggle Ball from Flying Clipper

PT 12 Juggle Ball

Price: $12.00

Qty1234567 - 1011 - 1516 - 2526+

Brand: Tossaball


Unique recycled tire rubber for fill material gives this ball a one of a kind feel. Using our exclusive brand new ultra suede for a cover material insuring a good grip for tosses and catches. If you do miss, this ball will stay right where you dropped it. Filled to 70% volume this ball is great for numbers juggling of 5 and up. Completely washable, we know you will like this ball so give it a try and let us know. At these prices, colors are subject to availability. 

Diameter: 2.45"
Weight: 120 grams

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
1 week review

I've been using theses balls for one week. They are great for juggling. They feel solid in your hand, they are not to baggy or floppy. The weight makes them feel vary solid in the hand witch is great. The fabric is vary stong and the colors are bright. They are resistant to dirt and stay fairly clean. The stitching is vary strong. The size makes it very easy to hold up to 7 balls in one hand. I have the pro 90s and the PT 12s basicly feel like a mini version. I highly recommend them for learning to juggle any number of balls. They have greatly improved my juggling patterns.

Reviewed Mon, May 27 2019 9:12 am by