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Mega Metal Dirtbag Footbag

Mega Metal Dirtbag Footbag | Flying Clipper Metal Filled Footbags

Mega Metal Dirtbag Footbag

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Brand: Dirtbag

SKU: 931

Introducing the all new Mega Metal Footbag from Flying Clipper. New fabric and brighter colors are just the beginning of the changes we have made to the all new Mega Metal. We also increased the size by 10% and the weight up to an easy to stall 65 grams. Softer and more controllable than the previous Mega Metal. We are positive you will love the changes to this awesome footbag… talk about Mega Metal, this one has it all.

Diameter: 2.2″
Weight: 65 grams

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

Got this as part of the All Star 3 Pack and man oh man. This is up there with the PHAT TYRE PRO for my favorite footbag. The MEGA METAL is more compact than the Classic Dirtbag and Stellar Staller, just by a bit. The cover is also a little tougher. I got the blue/green colorway and as far as looks it's my favorite footbag, the 12 studs make this a real head turner. As far as kicks, it's a very controllable feel, pops are excellent thanks to the stainless steel and sand filler. Stalls are a dream and the fill is exactly perfect.

Reviewed Tue, Mar 06 2018 8:42 am by
Image 0.0 stars out of 5
This footbag is smaller than most but it has the greatest stall/pop out all of the footbags I've ever had. I would not chicken scratch/ toe flicks it WILL damage the footbag.
Reviewed Sat, Aug 25 2012 6:15 pm by