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NEW INVENTORY Pro 90, Pro 70 & Speeder Rubber Filled Juggle Balls! 

NEW INVENTORY Pro 90, Pro 70 & Speeder Rubber Filled Juggle Balls! 

Juggling Ball Info

If you have a yearning to learn how to make use of a juggling ball do not put it off. You may believe that it is a skill that would prove too difficult for you. Perhaps you were so impressed by the professionalism of a juggling act that it seemed way beyond your capabilities. Well, here is the secret - anybody could learn to use a juggling ball. Of course, you would need to actually get a juggling ball or two or three or more. It would be advisable to approach a reputable supplier such as the Flying Clipper company to ensure you get the very best juggling ball.

Performers have been using a juggling balls for thousands of years. The oldest record of the use of a juggling ball is to be seen on a tomb wall in Egypt. In Beni Hassan’s fifteenth tomb the mural depicts all the activities that Beni Hassan enjoyed in his lifetime. The very fact that they were painted on his tomb wall meant that he wanted to take them with to the afterlife. The actual mural is of dancers and also acrobats making use of a juggling balls. It is believed that because this scene had been placed in a tomb that it had great religious significance to the Egyptians.

It would be interesting to know that the word ‘juggling’ does come from a Middle English word ‘jogelen’. ‘Jogelen’ meant ‘to entertain with performing tricks’. The word ‘Juggling’ in French is ‘jongleur’ which came from the Old French word ‘jogler’. Latin had the word ‘joculari’ that had the meaning ‘to jest’. The act of juggling with the use of juggling balls is found in many cultures around the world. A juggling ball or disc was in fact an ancient and sacred symbol that recognized birth and death and also a variety of solar objects.

A juggling ball or a set would certainly make an unusual yet beneficial gift. It would be hard to find a child who would not feel proud to become an accomplished juggler. A juggling ball is made of good quality materials and is expertly stuffed and stitched. Juggling is a skill that encompasses balance and rhythm. For those reasons a juggling ball would have to be made by experts in this field. An added benefit of learning to use a juggling ball would be the necessity to exercise muscle tone.

For those who are keen to learn how to use a juggling ball but need some guidance it would be a good idea to visit the juggling media page where you will find a nice selection of juggling how-to videos. We have several types of juggling balls, including some that would be suitable for beginner jugglers. If you happen to be new to the fun and invigorating activity of juggling it would be advisable to consider a juggling ball for your level. It would also be extremely helpful to make use of the Flying Clipper video to get you started as soon as possible.