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*Check out the new Tossaball Ultimate Beanbag juggle balls.

*Check out the new Tossaball Ultimate Beanbag juggle balls.

Hybrid 3" Ultra Suede Soft Juggle Ball

Juggling Balls | Hybrid 3

Hybrid 3" Ultra Suede Soft Juggle Ball

Price: $15.00 Sale $10.00


  These balls employ a 3" template but because they are soft, they play like a 2.8" ball. A very good size for visuals between you , the balls and whoever is watching and at this price point, they will not last long. 

Balls that end up in the "Odds & Ends" category are end runs with reduced pricing. We do our best to offer matched sets. We will communicate when any discrepancies might occur. 

Weight: 140 grams
Diameter: 3"

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
best beanbags
i can strongly recommend this ball for any beanbag users.

followings are not pro and cons, but just matter of preference.

the outer material does not stretch so much as other leather beanbags such as SportCo sports beanbags.
and the inner material is bigger than birdseed used in normal vinyl beanbags.

the ultra suede gets dirty a little too easily, but the balls are machine washable.

thanks to 12 panels, it keeps the round shape well, but still easy to stall.
it is roughly as soft as well-used SportCo beanbags from the beginning.

personally I prefer large size, so this 3 inches ball is nice.
white colour, which i ordered, is now out of production. what a pity!
Reviewed Sun, Nov 03 2013 5:29 am by