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TX Hybrid 2.8" Juggle Ball

Juggling Balls | Hybrid TX 2.8

TX Hybrid 2.8" Juggle Ball

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These beautifully round Hybrid juggling balls are completely washable and very durable. Add to that the bright, stain resistant finish and good grip we think you will love them like we do. Two layers of material in the construction trapping crushed rock between them, keeps most of the ball’s weight to the outside rim of the ball, while plastic pellets fill the interior for volume to just the right diameter and weight. And as in all of our hybrid juggle balls, these balls are 100% handmade and machine washable. At this price, they will not last long and therefore colors are subject to availability.

Diameter: 2.8″

Weight: 130 grams

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Extremely happy again with this purchase.
(Please see my review of the Tossaball® Hybrid 2.65" Ultra Suede Soft Juggle Ball if you are looking for a slightly looser packed ball)

Posting this review Christmas Eve, 2011.

I was so pleased with the others I had to order 6 of the Tossaball Hybrid 2.8" TX Juggle Balls. I personally can only juggle 5, but bought 6...most of the time I just pass clubs with friends, but just in case can't hurt to have 6 of these for passing.

I decided to go with the White Star / (Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Gold) mix of colors and they are just as visually pleasing as the others I reviewed.

The interesting thing about these, is that the color along the seams highlights the stiching. It makes each ball look like a very expensive style pro sports ball. I'm not eloquent in describing what I'm thinking here, they just look great.

Also that pattern is wonderful because it really reveals spinning of the ball in the air, so if you are trying specifically not to spin the balls in flight you can very easily see how fast they are spinning.

I would love if Flying Clipper would make some balls like this with alternating black/white panels but that is for another day...

The texture is very different than the suede bags, soft yet really 'grippy' (I know that isn't a word)...not really a leather feel, but still feels like it helps you catch them.

They're glossy and have a tight feel in your hands, with a little give, but are very easy to catch.

Near perfectly round, they are also quite adequate for contact juggling and body rolls.

Like the other balls I bought from Flying Clipper, these are quality. I'm just as happy with these.

If you want something with a nice tight feel in your hands, get these. If you want something with more of a slightly broken in beanbag loose fill get the 2.65" Ultra Suede Soft(s) instead.

And like the other ones, these are not filled with birdseed, and the weights of the balls are about as spot on as humanly possible. Five of them weighed 131g and one of them weighed 130g.

I give these my highest possible recommendation also.
-- Jonathan S.
Reviewed Sat, Dec 24 2011 11:23 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Top quality
I recently placed an order for 8 of these 2.8" TX juggle balls. I chose these instead of the smaller version as my hands are fairly big, and I can easily hold a pyramid with four balls of this size (time will tell if this was a wise choice ;) ) I ordered mostly silver, with one off color - blue - to more easily learn certain patterns.

They were shipped out the same day I placed the order, with a tracking code, and they arrived a day early which was nice - I am on the other side of the states.

My initial impression was... well I was impressed. The  glossy finish really does look nice and the balls are very vibrant and easy to see. I was also very pleased as they threw in a complimentary juggling bag that perfectly held the 8 balls.

I was previously juggling a set of homemade balloon juggling balls filled with barley. They were a lot heavier, and I found the weight of these new balls ideal. It took a few minutes to get used to the balls grip as balloons are virtually slip free. But it wasn't long before I was very comfortable, and found that I naturally compensated by improving the accuracy of my throws. That was easy to do with the balls being so consistent in shape and size. Having said that, if you prefer more friction in your grip, the suede is probably a better bet; I myself enjoy the feel. The blue ball grip is slightly less slippery than the silver. The grip may also change with more use; time will tell.

I am very satisfied with the balls, and would highly recommend them. I will definitely buy from flying clipper again in the future - maybe an ultra suede style for the contrast - but would replace these if it ever comes to that... they seem very durable though.

Daniel N

Reviewed Mon, Dec 28 2009 9:45 pm by