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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Sand-filled footbags

At Flying Clipper, we take a whole new look at sand-fill footbags. What do you do with a sand-fill footbag? Well, you put sand in it – whatever you do with it after that is your business. Some people like to kick them around, and those are the people we are interested in! The footbag craze is something that anyone can get into because it is fun, easy to learn and inexpensive to play. You don’t need special clothes, special shoes or any expensive equipment! All you need is a good quality bag of dirt and you are ready to play!

Unfortunately, footbag isn’t a free sport, but it is definitely one of the cheapest ones you can get into these days. You can’t just stick some dirt in any old bag and kick it around, or you and your friends will quickly get bored. You need a high quality product that was made by hand by a person who knows footbag, and knows what goes into making high quality sand-fill footbags. Not just any bag will do – it has to be a Dirtbag! Dirtbag footbags are exclusively made by Flying Clipper, and carry our mark of quality!

Each of our Dirtbag sand-fill footbags is hand sewn from 42 different panels, and is suitable for tournament play. It has the correct weighting, resistance and distance for the optimum playing experience, so anyone can learn quickly and easily with a Dirtbag. There are a lot of different ways to play the game, but you will quickly find that if the bag you are using is not of the highest quality, people will find the game very boring and difficult to learn. However, having a high quality footbag to use can change the way you experience the game and make it a lot more fun for everyone.

Bouncing a bag of dirt off your foot to another person is not as easy as it sounds, and a lot of beginners need a little bit of help. That is why if you purchase one of our high quality sand-fill footbags from Flying Clipper you also get a free instructional DVD entitled “Tricks of the Trade” by Kenny Shults that will make a pro out of anyone! You also get a footbag pouch that fits neatly in your bag or on your waist and keeps your footbag from getting squashed and damaged when you are not using it.

When you buy one of the Dirtbag sand-fill footbags from Flying Clipper you get more than just a bag of dirt. You get the DVD, the pouch, the hand-sewn Dirtbag and a free sticker for only $21! It is possible to buy these items separately, but this is the best way to save on both the prices of the items and the costs of shipping, which can be high if you are only ordering a few dollars worth of goods. Save money when you get started playing footbag, and come to the Flying Clipper!