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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Juggling Video

‘Flying Clipper’ are a group of three foot bag following professionals dedicated to providing fun for everyone after being involved in this sport for fun and competition for many years.  We are proud to supply a great range of quality hand made sand filled and pellet filled hackysacks and toss balls for kick around or for juggling. If you are an entertainer learning how to juggle then we also have a juggling video available and an assortment of juggling props as well. Check out our variety of training toss balls for juggling so that you can practice your skills without damage to anything. Naturally our juggling dirt bags are unbreakable and allow you to practice your juggling entertainment routine easily.

For many years ‘Flying Clipper’ have provided an assortment of superb props for professional and training jugglers and our juggling video will show you the art of this great method of entertainment in a step by step guide. Many artful professional jugglers have used our toss balls, twiddle sticks and dirt bags to keep their arms supple and hand and eye coordination in tune.

Because fine attention to detail is taken in all the quality manufacture of our juggling aids one can be assured that they can also be used in live performances as well as extensive practice. Being hand sewn and supplied in colors to meet your needs where possible ’ Flying Clipper’ becomes the first choice in purchases for any wannabe juggler or professional artist that needs regular practice..

Why not get the juggling video from us and wow your kids at their next birthday party with your juggling act? ‘Flying Clipper’ have for many years supplied hackysacks and foot bags to people and this great fun sport not only keeps you in shape but is a socially fun pastime at any picnic or gathering. Our informative tips and tricks as well as training DVDs for dirt bag fun and sport training are available from us at excellent prices. Our Juggling video training with informative tips and tricks for juggling is a foremost choice for learning this trade whether you wish to perform in a concert or are an ongoing juggling professional.

All our great products are shipped directly to you and our prices are unbeatable as is our exceptional quality dirt bag products making us stay at the top of suppliers for this great fun kick around pastime.

Why not join our mailing lists and keep up to date with the newest in Foot bags and juggling props and we look forward to receiving your suggestions and getting feedback from you on your foot bag game.

Start off learning juggling with our juggling video or get one of our foot bag videos and join the growing following of foot bag fun lovers. Flying Clipper’ looks forward to having you as a regular client where you can share your views and ideas with our growing team of jugglers and foot bag sportsman. Become a part of this superb social group today!