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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Juggling Store

Flying Clipper is the ultimate juggling store.  All their products are designed, created and handmade by the unique team of Flying Clipper.  Their full range of products is available for viewing on their wonderful website at,  Once you have viewed their wonderful product range give their dynamic sales team a call on 1-888-344-9172 and place your order today. 

The incredible juggling store of Flying Clipper has something for everyone.  Each of their products is uniquely designed and hand made to your exacting requirements.  They carry a product range which caters to everyone’s level of experience.  Whether you are a beginner or a professional the Flying Clipper can supply you with the right products for your needs.

The wonderful juggling store of the Flying Clipper stocks foot bags and juggling balls.  If you are just starting out you can get yourself foot bag and juggling videos to help you get started and also for perfecting your technique.  With their fine range of products and videos you’ll soon be performing like a professional.

The juggling store, Flying Clipper, was founded by long time foot bag kickers who kicked not only for fun but also at competition level.  All three of the founders have been inducted into the foot bag hall of fame.  They know their products from the inside out and you can be assured that not only are the products hand made but thoroughly tested as well.

The Flying Clipper juggling store was named after one of the first official trick kicks and also after the speed of the clipper ships of the 1800’s.  This unique juggling store was founded in 1983 and the quality of their products has ensured that their company has grown in leaps and bounds.  When the store was founded it was done so to create an exceptionally high quality foot bags and juggling balls.

The Flying Clipper has exceeded all its expectations with the creation of this wonderful juggling store.  Not only are their designs unique but they only use top of the range products for the creation of their unique multi paneled foot bags and juggling balls.  The uniqueness and quality of their products has garnered a world wide demand for their products.  Be sure to view all their products and accessories which compliment their full product range.

The designer products created at the Flying Clipper for their juggling store are not only exceptionally well designed and crafted but they are also highly affordable.  View their wonderful product range and their highly affordable prices.  They offer not only their latest designs and products on their website but they have a wide range of products on special.

View the incredibly comprehensive website of the Flying Clipper juggling store and select some of their dynamic products and pay for your purchase on line.  If you don’t feel entirely secure about paying on line give them a call and make payment arrangements with their very efficient sales team over the phone.  The full product range is available from this very dynamic juggling store.