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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Juggling Shop

Juggling shop –  Flying Clipper - this is where you buy your footbags and juggle balls. Flying Clipper is not just another juggling shop – when you’re with them, you’re with the experts. Even more than that – when you’re with them, you’re with the true inventors.

They’re the leaders in design when it comes to footbags and juggle balls. Their very heart beats in this world of footbags and juggling balls, for Flying Clipper’s founders and, at the same time partners, are keen and zealous participants in the juggling world. What else then can one expect from this juggling shop but the very best quality footbags and juggle balls. They don’t only know about footbags and juggle balls. In the juggling shop of Flying Clipper you experience that Reed Gray, Jim Fitzgerald and Dennis Ross understand whatfootbags and juggle balls are about.

Juggling shop - since 1983 when these men brought Flying Clipper to reality in the world of sport, the fruit of their efforts was the line of superb play, exceptionally quality footbags and juggle balls by hand. Unequaled were their three completely new designs, namely the
Tangent, the Octoe and the Footpet handmade in cowhide and chamois. Juggling shop really becomes a travel experience in the world of footbags and juggle balls. Soon you get to know that Flying Clipper has its ear on the ground. The players wanted a sand-filled bag, and – they designed the first hand sewn sand filled bag. What a dominant role would this new creation not play in the world of new kickers!

No wonder is it that the real champions prefer this Flying Clipper line of professional foot- bags – the well known Kenny Shults, winner of more than fifty world footbag champion- ship titles in the open pro division – in all his competitions in more than ten years has only used footbags from Flying Clipper. Shults very emphatically states that “they have demon- strated to me a genuine commitment to producing the highest quality footbag possible. In my opinion they have succeeded.” This statement is confirmed by remarks like: “The footbags have arrived! They are awesome!” Juggling shop entered a complete new era with Flying Clipper’s dominance of the market. Cutting edge design is a hallmark at Flying Clipper Footbags. And who else initiated the first multi-panel footbags and juggle balls? They were also number one to use durable, washable synthetic suede. They are also very travel friendly – light and attractive.

What other ball can you compare to the World Cupo Dirtbag 32? At the juggling shop you’ll immediately recognize this collectors item – the Flying Clipper’s hand stitch technology as always. And what about the Dirtbag Combo Special? Or get your color match “Dirtbag Bag”. And go and get acquainted with all the juggle props -the Tossaball 14 Polyurethane juggle ball in colors green/black, white/black, red/black, blue/black, purple/black, yellow/black; the Tossaball 6L, made from top grain brushed cowhide, hand stitched and filled with plastic pellets; the Tossaball 12 Ultra Suede, no ball Flying Clipper makes is rounder or stronger and is filled with bird seed. These are only a few examples of their craftsmanship. Juggling shop urges you to get to know the many other examples of the same craftsmanship. Visit them at: