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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Juggling Set

If the founders of The Flying Clipper revolutionized the way the world viewed footbags, imagine how they can change the face of juggling with their fantastic range of juggling sets, including juggling balls and hand sticks.  Within the juggling set range, is the Tossball which is a 6 ball juggling set and is made from top quality brushed cowhide which is meticulously hand-stitched and filled with plastic pellets.  The Tossball 12LS is ranked as the best handmade juggle ball and is again made from only the finest quality leather.

New on the market in terms of juggling sets, is the Tossball 12 Glow, this innovative juggling set is once again made from the finest leather and hand crafted but is able to glow in the dark, this providing hours of endless entertainment at busy night-time events and shows.    The Tossball 321 is a stunning thirty two piece juggling sets which feature a original handmade design, and manufactured from top quality synthetic suede and has bird seed as an original and innovative filler – thus allowing the avid juggler to experiment with a variety of fills and covering and attain the best juggling set to suit his or her particular act and personal feel.

For a juggling set that is larger than most, the Tossball 12LL fits this bill comfortably.  This ‘big one’ juggling set proudly offered by the Flying Clipper is one of the biggest juggling balls manufactured and far outweighs regular juggling balls, proving a novelty juggling ball for fun-filled carnivals and shows!    The juggle scarves are available in a seven varying; bright colorful designs are the perfect juggling tools for novice jugglers and thus a perfect juggling set to begin with and to carry out practices with.  In addition, the Flying Clipper provides Twiddle Sticks which require skill and practice, a perfect juggling set to complete a juggling act.

It is evident through the extensive range of juggling sets and other juggling paraphernalia that is available, that the Flying Clipper’s founders have a great love and passion for juggling.   The founders of the Flying Clipper began creating a line of hand-made footbags and juggle balls, which were manufactured to the highest possible standards and craftsmanship.   Later the Flying Clipper revolutionized footballs by creating three innovative designs of the popular footbags, which fast became the preferred footbags for Championship levels.

The Flying Clipper’s innovative and top quality range of juggling sets, sticks and footballs will allow you to take your juggling show to a brand new level, impressing on-lookers of every age.  View the Flying Clippers’ wide range of interesting and unique juggling sets as well as fantastic footballs on the Flying Clipper’s website, and find out more about this interesting trio who have an evident passion for juggling and footballs. The Flying Clipper has an extraordinary range of juggling sets and paraphernalia, all designed to keep the best jugglers at the top of their game.