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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Juggling DVD

The rapid development in every field of our daily life never fails to amaze one. What a huge leap do we not experience just in the electronic sphere! And what a change was brought about by this single entity. Development in this sphere is so vast that one can’t hope to keep up with it. Elderly people have the feeling that they’re completely left behind. The truth is – today things are done completely different and at the same time extremely fast. Let’s just look at the world of sport for a moment. Sport is an essential and necessary part of life – sometime the dominant factor in many lives. But as soon as you encounter something like juggling dvd you realize that it’s unnecessary to struggle for years to master a certain sport. Yes, juggling dvd encourages you and also enables you not only to master the juggling world, but also to achieve success much faster. Juggling dvd makes you realize that there are so many more things to enjoy than in the previous century.

The people from Flying Clipper are synonymous with footbag history. Their very founders, and also partners of Flying Clipper, are long-time kickers – both for fun and competition. Reed Gray, Jim Fitzgerald and Dennis Ross are all World Footbag Champions. One then is not at all surprised by the fact that they established Flying Clipper to handcraft a complete line of superb play, exceptional quality footbags and juggle balls. Because they’re in touch with the juggling world, they saw the need for sand-filled bags and let it happen – which is quickly becoming the standard for new kickers. Thus they have designed a big variety of high-quality handmade footbags and juggle balls. But now – how are you going to master it and even achieve success in the shortest possible time? The answer to this comes directly from juggling dvd. Juggling dvd sees to it that you don’t despair!

Juggling dvd has great news! Flying Clipper provides in all your juggling needs – there are many dvd’s and videos at your disposal to assist you in every way. First of all you can attain Footbag Basics – teaching you the correct footbag techniques, fundamental and training skills by the professionals. Also available is “Tricks of the Trade” – on this 45 minute video the master, world champion Kenny Shults shows how to start advanced stalling techniques; also
“Tricks of the Trade” part #2; two dvd’s – “Tricks of the Trade” – these dvd’s are a must for all level kickers and bring you in contact with new teaching techniques as well as footbag his-
tory re Dennis Ross, Jon Lind and Rippin’ Rick Reese; “Extend your Youth through Footbag

Basics” – Michael Tonetti introduces you to enjoy kicking for a lifetime. But not only footbag Media but also Juggle Media: “Ball Juggling” featuring Rob Weinstein , it’s a straight for-
ward teaching method designed to get you up and juggling like a pro – a step by step instruction for anyone between eight and eighty; “Teach Yourself Juggling” 55 minutes of the top juggling instruction and entertainment – from beginners to advanced.

Juggling dvd makes this sport available to you and also viable. And all of this because of the endless efforts of Flying Clipper. Start juggling….. start really living by becoming part of this world. Contact Flying Clipper at: