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Juggling Bag

Juggling is defined by one dictionary as the act of keeping objects in continuous motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching. Objects can refer to any number of things from plates, balls, rolling pins, knives or even juggling bags. Anyone that has ever seen a person juggle can attest to the fact that no dry dictionary definition can capture the amazing agility required to keep those items in the air at the same time. Juggling is both a combination of raw skill as well as hours of training and practice to get it just right.

There are many different types of juggling around today. Probably the most common form of juggling is referred to as object juggling. As mentioned above this entails juggling items such as juggling bags, clubs or rings. Some dangerous objects such as chainsaws or knives can also be juggled. The method of juggling can also be a distinction as to the type of juggling act being performed. The most common type is toss juggling where the objects are not supposed to touch the ground and bounce juggling is the art of bouncing objects off of the ground as part of the juggling act. Many jugglers like to mix and match these techniques by starting with a standard juggling act the moving on to bounce juggling for example.

People also distinguish between the whether a juggler is going for a certain number of items being juggled or so-called trick juggling. When referring the number of items being juggled it is the sheer amount of different items, whether juggling bags or rings, that is in the air at any one time. Many jugglers have set up some impressive world records to regards as the number of items being juggled at once. Trick juggling, on the other hand, refers to what the person is able to do with the items that are being juggled at the time. The main aim of trick juggling is to try to manipulate the items in a skillful and impressive manner with a show of great agility and skill. Both sides of juggling have their own fans.

Jugglers are nearly everywhere and can be seen in a variety of places. The most prevalent place for jugglers is in a circus. There one will find clowns that juggle though often with various humorous results as well as professional jugglers that perform amazing tricks of agility and skill for the audience. That is not to say the clowns are not skilled, they just practice a different style. Jugglers often take to the streets to show off their skill to people and are often seen in parks, open air markets and other places where people gather and can be seen juggling bags, hats or whatever comes to hand. Whether a juggler throwing a juggling bag into the air along with a hat and a ball or whether a juggler has so many things in the air you cannot see the face, it still remains an art. From the times of Ancient Egypt to today, the juggler will always remain.