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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!


For great fun foot bag products and a variety of unique hackysacks then ‘Flying clipper’ is your one stop website. We are pleased to offer a variety of lovely colored sizes and shapes of hackysacks and other fun quality products at affordable prices all on one web site. So get ready to have fun?

Some of our super foot bag products such as the ‘Dirtbag’, ‘Tossaballs’, ‘Juggle balls’ and a variety of other great products are available on our easy to browse and choose web site, and our ‘Dirt bag’ combo special is a first choice at an excellent price being one of our more popular products today. Our small bean bag or sand bag hackysacks are used for fun in a variety of games and can also be used as a practice tool for sport or fitness.

Our ‘Flying clipper’ hackysacks have a unique history and our founders have been kicking foot bags around for fun and competition for many years. This fast growing in popularity fun sport can be pursued by anyone and is so addictive that it has to be shared with friends. ‘Flying Clipper’ offer exclusive hand sewn foot sand filled hackysacks which are designed never to leak and are a registered trademark with us. Additionally we also offer pellet filled foot bags in a variety of bright colors and if we cannot match your preferred hackysack color we will try and give you the closest match possible.

Our quality hackysacks are shipped directly to you at excellent prices using first class or priority mail. Naturally we beat most other supplier’s price wise and because we have such a variety of choice of foot bags we are simply hard to beat. ‘Flying Clipper’ is ready to provide you with fun times and our products are all designed to make our hackysack following a happy crowd with our great quality foot bag products. We invite you to check out our other ‘cool stuff’ links where we offer a DVD to show you the art of enjoying dirt bag kicking fun and also stickers and posters to boast that you are a follower of this fun pastime.

Additionally there are further videos and other DVDs to reach you the tricks of the trade so you can become the next hackysack expert or professional juggler. ‘Flying Clipper’ is the leading designers of a variety of hackysacks and other juggling ball accessories and we look forward to adding you to this fun following.

Having fun with ‘Flying Clipper’ hackysacks dirt bags helps keep you in shape and once you have tried this fun kick around method you will definitely be hooked!

Take time to browse our lovely range of products, photo galleries and other links and visit often to keep up with the latest growing hackysacks trends. Our announcement page will keep you updated with the latest hackysack happenings and you can send us your testimonial to add to our latest reviews or provide us feedback using our contact us links on this website. ‘Flying Clipper is your one stop dirt bag site and we supply the best hackysacks in the U.S. Order from us today and get ready to have great fun with your hackysack.