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Hacky Sack

The following of footbag sport commonly know as ‘hacky sack’ or "kicking around" has grown in leaps and bounds not only in the U.S but now worldwide and is becoming well known as more than just a fun pastime and is now also pursued professionally and one can partake in regional competitions.

"Flying Clipper" have been avid followers of this great kick around fun sport for many years and can supply exceptional quality hacky sack varieties both sand filled or pellet filled according to your preference. With the growing popularity of hacky sack following, a variety of competitions up to top championships is now possible so one cannot skimp on quality when choosing the right footbag for you.

With such extensive hacky sack knowledge or as it is commonly known today ’footbag’ sport ‘Flying Clipper have become one of the leading designer of superb hand stitched hacky sacks and this superior quality materials used provides long lasting use and durability for hours of pleasure or practice.
We also stock informative videos and DVDS with teaching guides for great hacky sack tricks and tips to make you an artful footbag sportsman. Our mission is to further supply superb colors, designs and sizes of top quality hacky sacks at the best possible prices easily purchased from us on the internet. Check out some examples of our low prices on footbags.
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Just as our name states we design test and supply the greatest range of hacky sacks anyone would wish for, and our hacky sacks are designed to fly through the air and be a real pleasure to kick around and practice your tricks and styles.

We are also very proud to make available to you exclusive footbags that are only made by us at ‘Flying Clipper’ under registered trademarks that have been handmade and are guaranteed leak free. You will be proud to show off your hacky sack from us no matter where you are having fun with it and we will be pleased to receive your recommendations to others to visit our super web site.

Some examples of our exclusivity and innovation in hacky sacks are the ‘Tangent’, ‘The Octoe’ and the ‘Footpet’, which are carefully handcrafted in cowhide leather and chamois that lasts for ages. Our ‘Juice bag’ hacky sack is also legendary and widely known and just another exclusive designer footbag one can not order elsewhere.Let ‘Flying Clipper’ be your first and last choice for the best range of hacky sacks .We love hearing from