The Worlds Leading Designers of High Quality Handmade Footbags & Juggling Balls

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!


Flying Clipper is the world’s leading designer of handmade juggle balls and footbags. For those who have a knack with coordination and ball skills, our line of entertaining and fun products is perfect! If you are a beginner and wish to improve on your ball skills, you can find a product to suit you as well: we have a range of toys for those new to sill based games. Visit the Flying Clipper website to view the range of Dirtbags, footbags, juggles balls, hackysack options and so much more. Hours of fun await you! For hand eye coordination games of color and fun, come to the Flying Clipper.

The Tossaball 14 Polyurathane juggle ball comes in a range of vibrant color options and it is soft enough to leave alone with small children. This ball is great for beginners to the hand eye coordination skill. With a diameter of 2.5” and a weight of 80 grams, this ball is small enough to take anywhere, even to give it to your child sitting in the back seat of the car and looking for entertainment. The Tossaball 14 Polyurathane juggle ball is available in green and black, white and black, red and black, purple and black, yellow and black and well as plain white. This ball will make a unique and entertaining birthday or Christmas present: it combines fun with the learn-as-you-play process. The Flying Clipper has the best in juggle ball and hackysack options, visit the website to learn about more of the products.

The Flying Clipper has the registered trademark for the Dirtbag footbag. Get a Dirtbag as well as a matching pouch that is made from the same soft suede and comes in the same color options. The wonderful thing about Flying Clipper products is that they are inexpensive as well as highly entertaining for all ages and all levels of skill mastery. The products such as the juggles balls and hackysack are fun to play with as well as being mentally and physically stimulating. There is no better present than a present from the Flying Clipper. View the website to see detailed photographs of the products on offer.

The I Kic footbag is a design that is owned by the Flying Clipper, do not be fooled into buying look alike products that will not be of the same quality and that will not support the original designers of the product. This ball is an amalgamation of condensed hexagons, squares as well as a plastic pellet filter and it is 2” in diameter and weighs 30 grams. This ball comes in yellow, black, green and red; red and white; red and black; purple and white; lime and blue; magenta and white; yellow and black and black and white. This ball is colourful, promises to fill hours with stimulating and fun games and will develop coordination that will transfer into other spheres of life. The Flying Clipper has the best in games such as Dirtbags, juggling balls and hackysack options.