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Foot Juggling

Everyone has seen a person juggling some collection of objects at some time of their life whether it was on television, in a circus or somewhere else. The art of juggling is not an easy one and not everyone can learn to do it with equal skill. Like most performing arts it takes an equal amount of raw talent and skill with regular practice. But what is even more amazing is the art of foot juggling where the person balances a collection of objects – thought these are usually ball-shaped – on their feet and manages to keep them aloft. Foot juggling also refers to some other techniques as well.

Aside from the circus acts, foot juggling can also refer to an exercise used by soccer players. This exercise is intended to increase the dexterity of their feet and to enhance ball control. Many coaches use this technique to help their player’s focus as it takes some concentration to keep the ball going. Unlike the foot juggling in a circus, the foot juggling used as a soccer training technique only uses one foot at a time and does not require the person to juggle more than one thing at a time. This one thing is usually only a soccer ball.

The more interesting performer’s art of foot juggling, on the other hand, is a skill that is both impressive and fascinating to watch. Most foot jugglers do not actually use objects that are more complex, or dangerous, than balls or beanbags. There are two ways in which a person can perform foot juggling. The first is the one that is often seen in a circus or some other sort of performance. In this case the person is sitting down – or even standing on their head – while they juggle objects with their feet. This is impressive and many jugglers can juggle anything from bowling pins, to balls to teddy bears.

The other method of foot juggling is much like a freestyle form of solo footbag. In this instance a single person tries to keep the bag aloft and moving. They also try to perform tricks with the bag while keeping the bag moving and there are many professionals in this sport. In the true spirit of juggling, some of these people then try to keep more than one bag aloft and busy at the same time. Unlike the first case of foot juggling, these people generally only use bags filled with sand or beads, also known as hacky sacks.

Juggling remains an incredible talent and art. Foot juggling requires even more skill and expertise and that is why it is not seen as often. While the feet may limit what a person is likely to juggle – try juggling knives with your feet and you will see why – the ability to keep things aloft with only feet is incredible. Whether it is a footbag champion keeping three or more bags going around them or a circus performer flinging objects into the air with their feet, the art of foot juggling is just that – an art.