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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Foot Bag

At the Flying Clipper you are able to find a fantastic range of well made and colorful foot bags that may be used for fun kicking, as well as on a competitive foot bag level. The founders of the Flying Clipper are enthusiastic and passionate jugglers and due to this love of juggling have included their foot bag designs to serve equally well as juggle balls. Their wide range of foot bags are available in a range of fun and funky colors design sequences, such as red, black, green and white or lime, blue, purple and black – all lending to their appeal as carnival juggling balls. However, in terms of foot bags, the founders of the Flying Clipper take great pride in ensuring that their foot bags are of the highest quality.

The entry level foot bag, is the Dirtbag four panel foot bag, which is provided in a striking four color combination and is carefully hand stitched. The Dirtbag foot bag is filled with sand, which makes it easy to control. Although, this entry level foot bag is slightly larger, with a diameter of 2.5 inches and somewhat heavier at 45 grams, than other standard foot bags it ideal for all level kickers.

The founders of Flying Clipper are not only passionate about juggling, but have a deep love for foot bags and in fact all three partners of the Flying Clipper are former World Foot bag Champions and in addition have been successfully inducted into the Foot bag Hall of Fame. The roots of the Flying Clipper go back to the early 1980’s where the trio began creating a line of handcrafted foot bags and juggle balls. It is at this stage that their three innovative and ground-breaking designs were introduced on the foot bag market, and included the Tangent, The Octoe and the Footpet, all of which were handcrafted in cowhide and chamois.

Later this pioneering foot bag trio shook the foot bag world yet again by introducing foot bags constructed in multi-panels and manufactured in hard-wearing, long lasting and washable synthetic suede However, the Flying Clipper again transformed the freestyle foot bag competition with their Juice Facile foot bag. The Flying Clippers success is through an undying passion and love for foot bags and respect for fellow foot bag players, that this trio has gained recognition for their range of revolutionary foot bags. This passion combined with a quest for quality – saw the Flying Clippers creating the first hand sewn foot bag and later the ‘no leak’ hand sewn foot bag. The Dirtbag® is fast becoming the preferred foot bag of choice for both novice and season kickers alike.

View the Flying Clippers’ wide range of innovative and high quality foot bags on their comprehensive website and learn more about how the ground breaking designs of the Flying Clipper’s foot bags are taking the foot bag world by storm. In addition, to offering foot bags of the highest standards, the Flying Clipper has an remarkable range of juggling tools and paraphernalia, all designed to keep the best jugglers at the top of their game.