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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!


At ‘Flying Clipper’ we know that getting on top of your footbag game means a whole lot of practice while having fun, especially if you have the social group of buddies sharing it with you. One of our superb choices of footbags available from us is the answer. We supply an affordable assortment of top quality hand stitched footbag balls or ‘hacky sacks’ that are pellet filled or sand filled and exquisitely hand crafted so that they will offer you many hours of footbag fun for you, so get ready to kick around to your hearts content.

Our superior range of quality footbag offerings includes the option of super colors and we will try to match the color of your choice as far as possible if you desire to match a house color for your team or school. Footbags, juggling accessories and a host of other toss balls are available all at your one stop fun website ‘Flying Clipper’. Our footbag range is supplied in low affordable prices so that you can buy a few rather than just one or two and you can check out these superb prices clicking this link:
Kick around footbag fun is are good for improving foot eye coordination for other sport practice, to help you keep in shape, or with the growing popularity of this great pastime you can even join teams and do it professionally for competitions.

At ‘Flying Clipper’ we provide a great assortment of juggle balls, training videos and DVDs for this fun game as well as a training video for juggling if you wish to learn this art to become a serious entertainer. Everyone uses our footbags and we have in the past supplied schools, colleges, pre schools and individuals everywhere, with us being the foremost popular supplier of top quality long lasting footbag ranges for many years now.

We offer you to browse our lovely fun designed website which offers great variety and also the knowledge of the history of how ‘Flying Clipper’ company was born. With such a rich history in the footbag following has allowed us to design unsurpassed quality handmade footbags making us a forefront leader for all footbags and quality accessories supply for juggling like our ‘Tossaballs’ and juggling ‘Twiddle sticks’ Visit here to check these out: .

Our goods are shipped directly to you using priority mail so your footbag purchased from us will arrive quickly to you. See our frequently asked questions link for details and payment policies while browsing through our assortment of footbags on this our web site.

Let ‘Flying Clipper’ provide you with a quality designed colorful footbag of your choice at a superbly affordable price with a variety of choice juggling accessories available for entertainers both professional and in training. We would like to receive your satisfied testimonial and feedback of our products and your game. ‘Flying Clipper’ wants to provide you a taste of our service excellence! Enjoy fun with your great footbags from us and add yourself to our mailing lists so that we can keep you updated often.