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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!


If you have yet to catch on to the footbag craze that is making athletes out of everyone, then you should definitely take a look at the products at Flying Clipper. Footbag is a game descended from the ancient tradition of keeping an object aloft using your feet, and it is a great way to have fun with a bunch of friends. The best way to play this game is with original Dirtbags. These are the original high quality footbags that were first marketed, and they are still the highest quality in the game.

You can play footbag however you like, but when you do it you better be doing it with a Dirtbags! A lot of people think that playing footbag means nothing more than filling an old cloth or leather bag with dirt and kicking it around, but a lot more goes into the construction of these balls than meets they eye! Playing with a regulation footbag is a lot more enjoyable than playing with one you made yourself, and they are so inexpensive that it makes no sense to go to all that trouble.

For example, the Dirtbags balls are hand made from between four to sixty individual panels that are sewn together using high strength polymers. The seams are double reinforced to make sure that they do not lose mass, and they are strengthened by a "truss system"of stitching on the inside that make them hold their shape better and travel further. Of course, they keep their floppy nature like all good footbags should, but good equipment always makes for a more enjoyable game.

Whether you are an experienced player or you just want to get started kicking a footbag around with your friends, then the Flying Clipper has an excellent deal for you. The Dirtbags special includes a hand-sewn dirtbag, a pouch to carry it in, as well as the Kenny Shults “Tricks of the Trade” DVD and a sticker. All of this together costs you only $21! If you bought these items separately in a sporting goods store they could easily cost you as much as $45, and that’s without buying the best equipment.

Another benefit of buying your Dirtbags in bundles like this is that you save a huge amount on shipping of small items. This savings makes Flying Clipper far less expensive than any sporting goods retailer. Not only that, but at Flying Clipper we are passionate about footbags and juggle balls, and we keep our eye on the market and create new products to offer you. Keep an eye on our catalogue and see what interesting new featured products we have in store.

So come to The Flying Clipper and launch your footbag career – or just kick it around in the back yard – with a Dirtbags starter bundle. Experience the fun and excitement of this new hobby that is taking the world by storm, and learn to footbag today!