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Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Buy Multi-Saver items across the site and see BIG savings!

Article on Footbags

Flying Clipper’ are dedicated to the ‘hacky sack’ following and supply exceptional quality footbags that are both unique and exclusive to us. We want you to share our passion of this fun game by owning any one of our quality footbags all offered at amazing prices and then shipped directly to you. Check some of the: Dirtbag Footbag

One of our most popular range of footbags literally flying off our shelves is the exclusive ‘Dirt bag’ 26 and the ‘Dirt bag 50 coming in at excellent prices and you just have to order one right away to show off to your buddies! Get your color match ‘dirt bag’ footbags; bag as well and show off quality and everyone will ask you where they can get their own. If you want to give a great gift to a footbag enthusiast then our footbags range are an easy choice. Our footbags ‘dirt bag’ combo comes with tee shirts, stickers, and quite a few other goodies and if you would like to order one right away go here now! Dirtbag Combo

Our ‘Flying clipper’ web site was born from our love of this superb fun game which is fast growing in popularity worldwide and we now offer you quality footbags as well as guides on how to play the game all available on this one stop ‘hacky sack’ web site.
This great game has been going for 40 years and started with a small sand filled bag being kicked around then known simply as a ‘hacky sack’. Today anyone can become a professional player and even enter into competitions and can go as far as joining a footbag team. We want you to join us as one of our regular customers and invite you to join our mailing lists. That way, we can keep you updated on the latest footbags and other happenings and so keep you first in with new stuff we design. Join ‘Flying Clipper’ as one of the in crowd footbags followers and it will be fun having you.

You can start by ordering one of our superior pellet filled or sand filled footbags that are hand crafted and carefully stitched using the fine nest products and we also have footbags guaranteed leak proof exclusive to us.

‘Flying Clipper’ want, you to have fun and we are pleased to offer great footbags, video and DVD guides on how to improve your game and even juggling products if you are an up and coming entertainer. We are always looking on ways to keep our footbags the leading choice in quality, uniqueness and style for all followers because we know that your recommendations of us supplying the best footbags around are just one-way to being the best footbags supplier online.

Take time to check out all our great footbags and give us a buzz if there is something in particular you are looking for in colors and designs and we will do our best to serve you so that you can be one hundred percent satisfied every time as one of our members.