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Dirtbag Classic Footbag

Sand Filled Footbag | Dirtbag Classic 8 Footbag by Flying Clipper

Dirtbag Classic Footbag

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Brand: Dirtbag


Our number one selling footbag, the DirtBagŪ Classic makes beginner hacky sack players feel like pros! Join in on the fun with this high-quality, handmade freestyle footbag!

Diameter: 2.15"
Weight: 56-58 grams

Dirtbag is a registered trademark of Flying Clipper 2004

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

I bought the All Star 3 Pack that included the exclusive royal blue/black colorway of the Classic Dirtbag. I was surprised how nice the material and sand fill weight was. This thing is a bargain. Don't let the price fool you though. The cover material on the Classic Dirtbag is velvety soft like suede. The fill is perfect for stalls and kicks, enough flop to make it super pocketable. This thing is basically portable fun, throw it in a backpack, coat pocket, jean pocket and off you go. Washable, hand stitched, 8 panel goodness. It's a classic for a reason, some have had theirs for years and years. As "Toes" says, "happy feet are a good thing," and boy are they happy kicking around this classic.

Reviewed Tue, Mar 06 2018 2:49 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Excellence in a BAG!!
This is by far the best footbag on the market, not only is it great for the sickest of stalls but for the gnarlliest of tricks like rainbow kicks and jesters. For over ten years (i started when i was six so you can do the math) i went through crappy crochet Boota Bags like crazy and only a hand full of Sandmasters (usually couldnt afford on my small budget so i didnt get alot) but this has changed it all. I got this for christmas and i have hammered it since and it has proven resilient through my tests. The description isnt clear as to what you are getting though, it is an eight pannel dirtbag with a pouch barely large enough to engulf it but it is a convient mode of transportation. THIS IS A MUST BUY FOR FREESTYLE HACKERS!!!!
Reviewed Thu, Jan 21 2010 7:01 pm by