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Dirtbag footbags
I have restarted my interest in kicking footbags after a decades long absence and have purchased lots of footbags in the past few months. I love these Dirtbag bags for how well they stall and kick in general. The Mighty Mite is great for just kicking for consecutives as it is easy to control and stall while the larger Pfat Tyre bag will stall on the end of a finger. All I need to do is get my foot in the general vicinity of the bag and it will stall for me. These bags are great for control and a long and invigorating aerobic workout.
John Read

Just plain amazing service, answered all my questions and requests thoroughly and quickly. Couldn't have asked for better service especially with the low prices and fast shipping
Blake Williams

Guinness World Record with Flying Clipper JUICE!
10/23/13 Hi Jim,

I was kicking my Juice yesterday and relized that it was the very same bag that Tricia George and I used to set a Guinness World Record with in 2006:

I continue to be impressed with the variety of designs and quality of products you bring to the world. Keep up the good work! ~Paul Vorvick, Flying Clipper Fan #1
Paul Vorvick

Phat Tyre Pro 90-5 Pack RULES!!
I had checked out these amazing juggle balls from a friend of mine and had to get them for myself...they are incredible! The weight and balance have helped me improve my consistency far more than with any other ball I've tried. I bought these to inspire me to learn to juggle five...and I'm almost there! I highly recommend these for anyone aspiring to take their skills to the next level. And the customer service just can NOT be beat!!
Michael Granberry

62 panel dirt bag
the 62 panel dirt bag i terrific for what i need thanks flyingclipper for a quality product

2.8 ultra leather hybrids
This is a great juggling ball, with just the right firmness and grip.I like practicing siteswaps with these balls because of their true flight characteristics. As expected, another great prop in the growing line of Jim's creations. Really a pleasure to juggle!
B. Prewett

Another Satisfied customer from Coolridge-Morgantown, WV
I am writing this to you to tell you how satisfied I am with your DirtBag hacky sacks. I have never had a problem with your products,and I even have my original footbag from 3 years ago. Everything from the composition to the filler is the up-most highest quality. I thank you for years of quality and satisfaction.

tossaball hybrids
Wow amazingly fast shipping. I absolutely love the tossaball hybrids. At first I was skeptical that there would be much of a difference from my old set but you can tell a difference right out of the packaging and I can already tell a positive difference in my cascades. These have a very nice weight to them and it's very easy to control where they're going and feel them in your hands. These are fabulous and I am absolutely thrilled with them.

Flying Clipper Goes Above And Beyond!
I am delighted with my new tossaballs and Flying Clipper in general. First of all, the shipping was so quick; it seemed no sooner did I place my order and I was juggling with my new balls. Before ordering, I called to get some advice on my selection and talked to Jim who was very helpful. I ended up ordering the 2.8 PU tossaballs & the 2.55 soft tossaballs both of which are serving my purposes perfectly. The 2.55 soft tossaballs are quickly becoming my favorite--I cannot put them down. Also, the tossaball pouch is a really nice pouch. What is most pleasing is that all these balls are hand sewn so perfectly and uniform in size--I don't know how they do it. Lastly, I had asked Jim some questions about footbags because I am starting to learn this activity. Lo and behold, along with my order came a complimentary Dirtbag!! Now I am all set to start the new year with a new skill.

Best Juggle Balls On The Planet
When I was contemplating a 9 month around the world tour where I would be street performing and juggling with my family, I did not have to think long about what juggling balls we would take on our travels. I have a set of 5 Flying Clipper juggling bags that I have used for over 15 years - they are still in fantastic condition and are my favorite juggling bags. I contacted Jim and he set me up with 6 more bags for my family to take along on our travels. The are extremely comfortable, durable and attractive juggling bags with a fantastic weight and feel. In short, they are perhaps the finest juggling bag I have ever used.

Dave Sohigian
Northwest Juggler

David Sohigian

clipper rules
flying clipper footbags are the ferrari of all bags. the sand filling and hand sewn facile patchwork are second to not. they are the only balls i will even kick. so keep your sorry guatemalen sipa's and tired old hackey sacks. nothing compares to flying clipper! i have rocked flying clipper bags since 95 and have never owned another brand. phish tour would suck without the clipper. :)

Plush Puppies
OK, these beanbags are waaay nicer than I thought they would be! I broke my 5 ball endurance the first day I got them because they are so easy to juggle. I like the size and fabric because my hands do not get tired from grabbing them like a ball. They settle gently into my hand and have a beautiful throw. I got 4 rotations of 5 ball mills for the first time with these just yesterday. I'm getting more!
Robert Wood

Great Service
Hey. I've ordered from here twice now and just wanted to say you guys do a great job. Fast shipping, quality hacks, and the best prices. I will definitely be ordering from you guys as often as needed and will keep recommending you to my buddies. Thanks.
Chris Sherwood

I teach high school and have new students each year who gain an interest in playing. As skills develop so does an understanding of why high quality footbags are so much better to play with. Flying Clipper bags are the best. Footbag is a great way for me to connect with my students, and for students to meet new friends..thanks for keeping the sport going for so long now.(we who play, know the educational value of the sport. there could be some potential here for your company??)Aditionally, If i could make a suggestion it would be to offer sepak takra balls as a purchase option. They seem to only be available through canadian or asian distributors.. with highest regards, jeff lin
jeff lin

Hybrid Juggling Bags
Jim, I discovered a nice feature of your Hybrids. If the covering is wetted, it increases the "tack"... almost like a silicon ball but without the bounce! Ed
Ed Kreusser

16 years of kicking!
9-5-07 Last night an era came to an end. It all started when my mom and dad traveled to California when I was 14. They came home with a *hacky sack* and I was stoked...a young man in Indiana had a footbag all the way from California! I played with that footbag everywhere...all through high-school. Then through college in Southern Indiana at Vincennes. Even my first job in Chattanooga, TN...I can remember playing out back on my lunch break. I came home to Indiana, was married and traveled all over the US and overseas. My little black and white checkered hacky sack followed me kept me busy while waiting at every major airport on the east coast. I played with it in every major city in the US and - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, England, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, and Hawaii. I've thrown and kicked it since I was 14. I turned 30 last weekend. Do the math...that's 16 years! Well, last night, my little hacky sack developed a small hole...the little white pellets started coming out. They rolled out onto the ground almost in slow motion...I couldn't believe was over. The bag is so worn, you can't even read the logo on it...but I've always remembered, "iKic". Thank god for the internet, I typed in "iKic Footbag" and low and I can get a new one. I'm interested to see what the sand one is like. Interested to start a new era for my hacky sack. I can't imagine how you can make a profit selling a product for $10.00 that lasts 16 years! But I want to applaud you for making a great was probably the greatest dollar investment that my parents ever made. And, just to be clear, I don't want to mislead's not like I just played with it gently. I was really rough on it, fell in water several times...stepped on it, in dog's took a beating. Thank you -Jason Brown *a raving fan*
Jason Brown

Customer service was outstanding!
I had a one in a million defect with my dirtbag, and the situation was resolved within three emails. No time wasted= more time hacking XD

Review: Tossaball® Hybrid 2.45" Ultra Suede Soft Juggle Ball
I've been the happy owner of half a dozen Hybrid 2.45" soft balls. They are proving to be as awesome as anticipated, and that's QUITE AWESOME. I love the combination of a little "extra" weight and the smaller, loosely filled ball. It settles into the hand perfectly. As one of my juggling workmates astutely summed up, "They want to be caught."

If (who am I kidding) WHEN I buy more, I'll probably stick with the darker colors. I got one orange ball, and it shows dirt pretty quickly. I know they're washable, but still, I like that the darker balls don't show show much evidence of my drops.

Thanks for making a great product!

Flying Colors for Flying Clipper!
Wow -fast service and great product! I appreciate the customer-oriented philosophy of the Flying Clipper!
Gina Mireault

I got your footbag in 3 days, very fast shipping across the country. Im surprised at how well the hacky sack is made, although it is very small in diameter. Thx a bunch for getting it to me in 3 days.

Care package going to Siberia
"The footbags have arrived! They are awesome! Thanks for your support. Your footbags will head to Siberia on Friday, June 29th!!!:). Thanks again! Bonita

Flying Clipper does it right!
I have commented before about the great service at Flying Clipper. I ordered again today and nothing has changed. Jim is courteous, professional and, best of all, he listens and makes appropriate recommendations, and not just based on the cost. As I wrote previously, Flying Clipper should train the U.S. market on how to treat customers. I thank you! Joe Stevens
Joe Stevens

Stellar Staller
Got this about 4 years ago, I love it. I still have yet to get the hang of kicking it, but it works great in the dark. Keep up the good work
Connor Murphy

Tossaball® Hybrid 'Super Soft' 3.2
My Tossaball Hybrid's are awesome! Talk about your ultimate juggling tools! These balls are great to juggle!! The best I've ever juggled!!

excellent company
Ordered a dirtbag on Saturday and played with it the following Monday evening. Exactly what I wanted, a great product and speedy service. Thanks Guys!

Flying clipper Footbags
Source: advertisement (i think facebook)
Comments: consistent, reliable, innovative, durable, world class footbags hands down. i recommend you to any player on any skill level.

Joshua Gilmore

Tossaball 32 panel
I ordered seven of the suede tossaball 32 panel beanbags, and they are wonderful for numbers juggling. My five-ball pattern suddenly got exponentially better in a couple of days, and when i go back to the $5 vinyl balls i used before, they feel like rocks. The texture of the suede and the slightly underfilled packing of the birdseed makes these the easiest balls to catch I can imagine. I have juggled the 12-panel tossaballs as well, and I would reccommend those to a juggler who prefers a slightly heavier ball, but the 32-panel balls are fantastic, and more attractive in my opinion.

I ordered some footbags to take on a mission trip to Nicaragua. Jim not only got me the order promptly, he donated a dozen more. The kids loved them. I was worried they may not be familiar with them, but they flipping and kicking as soon as they got them. I appreciate your product and your generosity. Thanks again.

Bill Kerns

Fantastic quality and customer appreciation!
I can't say enough about Flying Clipper and their products. From the 8-panel Dirtbags to the Juice, Hybrid 12, and my most trusted footbag companions, the Alpha and Legend, which I've been kicking around for years. They're all top-of-the-line quality footbags that stand the test of time. On top of that, they have the best prices, incredibly fast shipping, and fantastic customer service. Quick story: I haven't kicked in about 10-years. Marriage, kids, no more Grateful Dead or Phish tours... it happens. However, within the last week I got the urge to start kicking again and this was the first place I looked to track down some new bags. I ordered a Juice and Hybrid 12. Since I've been out of the loop for awhile, I sent a comment along with my order requesting a recommendation of bag(s) which may suit my preferred style of play (I like a lively bag over one which is floppy and too easily stalled). I received my order within two days. Along with the gorgeous Juice and Hybrid 12 bags came a personal letter as well as a complementary prototype hybrid footbag which the company president thought would suit my preference of "pop" over "flop". Talk about going above and beyond... Now I'm not saying that everyone can expect to receive "freebies" with their orders, but I am saying that this is obviously a company that takes a genuine interest in the sport and their customers. They have my highest recommendation. By the way, to the folks at Flying Clipper, I sure hope that prototype hybrid makes it's way into regular production someday 'cause it ROCKS. Thanks again! Your kind gesture will not be forgotten.
Jeremy Cionca

Flying Clipper Went Way Above Expectations
This is an extremely well run company that makes high quality footbags. I will never part with my 32 pannel, it plays great everytime. Thanks for everything flying clipper you did a great job.
Andrew Johnson

Tossaball 12 Ultra Suede Beanbags
I recently received my Tossaball 12 Ultra Suede beanbags and they are by far the best juggling beanbag I have ever used (and I have used quite a few now!). I personally like the feel even more so than the inside out leather ones (though those are also great!). And the 120 gram weight is perfect. An awesome product and a must have for any serious juggler!
John Peloquin

Tossaball Hybrid 2.8" Special
Pros: - great weight size and feel - vibrant colors - great grip - seem to be very very durable balls that are great for all kinds of juggling styles - hybrid technology really does work well - super fast shipping - the guys at are amazingly helpful and have some of the best costumer service i've ever had the pleasure of working with. cons: - very hard at first - could take a while to get good and broken in upon receiving these balls the first thing i noticed is how bright and vibrant the color is, by far one of the best companies in juggling ball colors that i've used. the second thing i noticed is how solid they feel, they had almost no give to them. i realized that they were brand new and that there was an obvious break in period. following the instructions on the card that they came with i through them into the washing machine and turned them on. after taking them out they had loosened up a little bit but were still very solid. again following the instructions i put them on my dresser(away from direct sunlight as to not fade the color) and left them overnight. the following morning i was very pleased to find that after drying completely they had loosened up and broken in some, although they were still very firm. however, even after a day of use the suede has begun to break in and stretch ever so much that the balls have a great soft, yet not overly broken in feel and due to the hybrid technology the stretching of the fabric(which will stop sooner or later) is the only break in they will have. even after much use i don't ever expect these to become uncomfortably soft. as far as juggle-ability these balls have an amazingly sturdy feel both in your hand and flying through the air. each throw is very consistant and i've begun noticing subtle increases in the stability and trueness of some of my patterns. these balls also have an amazingly durable feel to them, so much so that i don't feel like i'm going to break them by trying high throws over solid ground. with other bags i've used becuase the materials used for the outside feel so flimsy it feels as though they'll bust open at a moments notice, these however feel like i could use them for many a year without having to worry about them getting broken. overall: these are an amazing set of balls that seem like they will last for a very long time. the bright colors and large visible size make them great for either stage juggling in front of a crowd or for great practice. they're very solid and the hybrid technology is really a great thing not only in the way the balls look and feel but in the way they fly through the air. I highly recommend these to new jugglers and seasoned veterans alike.
Max McWhirter

amazing site
yah, this site is great i ordered something for myself and my squadron and we cant wait to get them, deploying with the military is hard to do all the time but this company helps alot. they made it easier for me and my coworkers to enjoy our time out here in hell thanks flying clipper
A1C Joshua Starnes

Tossaball Hybrid
Bought five of the hybrids 2.5" to upgrade from my lacrosse balls, love these things. Got them five months ago, just put them in the wash a few minutes ago, not really bad looking despite dropping them in the clay and dust of a construction site many times. Just decided to see how they clean up. Great feel and weight, cept for the orange one has coarse texture different from the other four and the yellow one is a little out of round. Even so, I've put all my other balls and bags aside and use nothing else.
Robert Whisner

Footbag order
I recently ordered a footbag from you guys and I was extremely pleased. I ordered a red/white 8 panel dirtbag with a pouch. I commented that I would instead like a red/black footbag in the order box when I was completing my order. I put in the order on Friday night and received the package on Monday morning. I was extremely pleased to see that it arrived so quickly and they changed my order to fit my preferred colors. Whenever I need a new hacky sack or one of my buddies do, I will not hesitate to recommend Flying My new found footbag outlet!

Juice Facile Dirtbag
The Juice Facile Dirtbag takes a kicking, and keeps on sticking. I have won 2 comps with this far the best bag I have ever kicked. Thank you.
Joshua Wagner

Tossaball Hybrid Studded special
pros: - great weight and size for numbers and all around juggling alike - the hybrid technology creates a very stable ball both in the air and hand, these have no wobble in the air(read more about the hybrid technology here - the colors are very very vibrant and are easy to see and look great for an audience cons: - the stud creates a potential weak point due to having pierced the suede, but this is a very minor chance of causing real problem. after using a set of the hybrid 2.8" tossaball's at my local juggling club i decided to look in to the hybrid technology and i already had a decent set of 130g 5 and below balls but was in desperate need of a new set of numbers balls as mine did not weigh nearly enough(only about 100g). i stumbled upon the tossaball hybrid metal studded balls and boy am i glad i did. these balls feel broken in right out of the package and because of the filler that won't break down any further they will stay pretty close to the density they start out as. the purpose of the metal studs is to give a little bit of shine to the ball so that when you're throwing them high in the air they are harder to lose against the background your juggling against. that goal is very much accomplished, these are very visual balls due partly to the vibrant colors and the small metal studs gleaming in the light. the small size and high weight makes for a very stable pattern with higher numbers like 5 and on as well as a pattern that can be juggled very close and compact. in my opinion a near perfect combination of both size and weight. due to the hybrid technology most of the weight stays to the outside of the ball giving it many unique characteristics. they roll in your hands and can be controlled like contact balls, but have a completely dead drop both to the ground and any part of your body you try to catch it with. i recommend these balls 100 percent to anyone that wants to start working on higher numbers and wants a ball with some decent weight to it that will help solidify that pattern. also to someone like myself that has small hands these make great all around juggling balls. they feel nearly indestructible and unlike most of my juggling balls i don't feel like i'm going to destroy these by dropping them. i plan on supporting and may indeed make the tossaballs my #1 juggling prop from now on, a great combination of handmade feel and durability. great props and great customer service, jim is very helpful and will try his best to help you out however he can.
Max McWhirter

Out of the 10 footbags I own the 8 panel dirtbag is my favorite with the 32 panel dirtbag coming in a close second. For me the size to weight ratio makes them easy to control. I would recommend these to anyone. Fast shipping and a great product.

Getting back to youth
Even with the Holiday I received my package in an extremely timely manner and I appreciate that very much. My friends and I have already set aside two days a week to get the circle going, it's been years but we're all looking forward to it. Thank you! Also, that glow in the dark sack is ridiculous, it lights up almost the entire counter in my kitchen. No self serves! ;)

Tossaball Speeder
Great service & product! I received my order just 8 days after payment, paying only $5 extra for international shipping all the way to New Zealand! My exact colour preferences were not available, so sensible substitutes were made - with an extra 8th ball to compensate, PLUS a carry pouch! These speeder tossaballs are rather small, but are very nicely weighted and true, and the artificial suede feels great. Will be easier to practice, and with fewer collisions should help me progress to 5 balls. Thanks again!
Michael Hall

Another satisfied customer
Thank you for providing both excellent products and customer service, your company is great!


Great Experiance
Thanks for the fast delivery and great customer service. Your product is fantastic and we cant wait to get them on stage.

Great footbags!
I order 2 footbags the other day and I came home from school to day to see THREE footbags in the mail. He sent me a freebie because I really wanted it and did not order it. But he really cares for his customers. The products are great one of the best footbags I've used!
I'd suggest the steller staller if you want to play in the dark its great! Will be buying more thanks!

Tossaball Ultra Suedes
These, and their smaller 2.55" brothers, are the best juggling balls/beanbags I've ever used. They really do juggle like balls whilst retaining the dead drop of beanbags. They keep their shape, are washable, and seem virtually indestructible. These qualities, combined with the excellent service offered by the Flying Clipper guys, means that I would wholeheartedly recommend these balls to anyone whether they are a beginner or a professional.

Simon, Taiwan.
Simon Hall

Satisfied in Huber Heights, OH
You guys are the best on the net. Great prices. I think this is my third or fourth time ordering from you guys. Wont go anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

Chris Sherwood

Customer service from the juggle ball designer
Mr Fitzgerald,
I got the replacement balls Friday. They are just fine. That juggle pouch is really nice too. I was tempted to keep the orange and yellow balls just from greed but i can't juggle 7 balls at once (yet) anyway, so here you go. Hope the post mortem on them is helpful. It's really nice dealing with someone who has pride in what they do. I spent a lot of time searching the web before I plunked down my cash (I'm really frugal). I'm also pretty easy going though. I wasn't going to complain about a little vatiation in the product but frankly, every time I reached in my bag I avoided those two balls in favor of the others. It really is nice that you stood behind your wares and insisted on perfection. In my opinion that will help you in the long run. I am a member of and I've seen some vendors blacklisted because of poor service or inconsistent quality. Anyway, it's been great dealing with you. Even before this, I have plugged your site to some hacky sackers I've met. I'll certainly do so again.
Thanks again,
R Whisner

Great Gift!
After ording a footbag from Flying Clipper I reiceved an additional one as a gift for serving overseas. Thanks Flying Clipper you made my deployment much more interesting!

Great products and customer service
I wasn't sure what footbags I'd like best so I order a few: sand dirtbag, hybrid, mega metal, mighty mite, and the juice elite pro.

My favorites are the metal filled bags: mega metal, mighty mite, and juice elite pro. I really like the size and weight of the metal bags. Get one - I promise you won't be disappointed. I even received a free glow in the dark bag to try out....thank you! It made playing outside in the dark so enjoyable! :) I'll be ordering more stuff in the future for sure!!!!
Pauline Galley

Great service again!
I have made two orders with Flying Clipper and both arrived within three days. I thought the first arrival was just a fluke but after the second arrival I am now certain that Flying Clipper is the best resource there is to purchase footbags. Oh, and the Mighty Mite Dirtbag kicks great. Hack it up!

Great products - especially the footbags. I hack every day during lunch at school. Fellow footbaggers luv them too! I have recommended you to all my friends.

Hybrid footbags
i odered a metal filled footbag. i recieved it in the mail today but it also came with a hybrid footbag filled with plastic and sand. i tried out the hybrid and i absolutely love it. it has the perfect kick to it. i recommend any hybrid footbags for begginers and pros.
now its just hybrids for me.
Thank you flyingclipper for this amazing footbag.
Chris Williamson

I love this thing
I've had my Dirtbag for almost a decade now. Although, for around 5 years I didn't touch the thing. Sometime, during my early grammar school years (13 or so,) I purchased two of the 8-panels not knowing anything about footbagging. I found them in an odd fishbowl shaped bucket at a skateshop. My friends had earlier introduced me to what they called "hackey-sacking" and brought out crocheted bags. We played in circles all throughout grammar school and through my freshman year of high school. Eventually, I was always called on to bring out my Dirtbag or was cursed for not having it with me. Fast forward to the future: I'm 22 now and I'm at work. I hear someone mention circle-hacks. I immediately flashed back to my past and grew a craving. I dug through some keepsakes (the nostalgia and the fun of it was too much to leave behind) and I found my old 8-panel green/black Dirtbag. The next morning I brought it to work and fellow employees stood in stupor as they used it. One of the coworkers even exclaimed "God, how much did you pay for this thing? I haven't used a good sandbag in ages." I just laughed while reminiscing. To this day (only a week later) I spend the better part of my evenings outside in the light of only a small bulb practicing my once again found stalls and delays. You guys have no idea what you did for me throughout high school and as soon as I have some spare money, I'd like to try out your more advanced bags. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. - Acie O'Kelley
Acie O'Kelley

I thank you....
Got really good service. Emailed a question; Jim called me back within one minute. He spent time explaining the choices (I'm trying to learn 5), was professional and fun to talk with and he gave me a good price. He should teach other companies how to treat customers.
Joe Stevens

PS: The Hybrid Metal Studded Suede ball is terrific.
Joe Stevens

Insanely fast delivery!
You guys rock! I ordered a 32 panel DirtBag in electric yellow/black late Saturday afternoon and It already arrived in the mail! Great service, highly recommended. Will be purchasing more products from you guys! Thanks again.

Juggle Balls
As an international customer, naturally I was at first a little cautious in ordering... However, the process was handled very professionally and the small problems (not due to Flying Clipper) were ironed out quickly. The products are excellent. Thank you Flying Clipper, I will be ordering again shortly.
Andy Leese

Long time customer
I appreciate reviews online from people who really know the product. That said, I have been juggling with Flying Clipper balls for more than 15 years and I don't know if their is a brand or product to which I am more loyal. Despite trying every new toy I can find in juggling, I always come back to my 32 panel suede Clippers. Needless to say, I highly recommend.

Best of luck to you and thanks for creating such a solid product for so many years.

mighty mite
I ordered a mighty mite foot-bag and received it within a few days. also, Jim threw in another mighty mite with new material for free! love these products, i have been using them for years and will keep using them.

Quick, awesome!
I can't believe how quickly I received my hybrids! I am new to juggling and so excited to learn with a quality set of juggling balls. They feel great, and I've already improved a great deal (I was using balled up socks!). I even juggled for a few minutes before going to work today - just to get that extra practice in. Can't wait to get good, consistent, and masterful.
Jonathan London

Recent Order
Just received my dirt bag 4 panel footbag, very pleased with the quality of work and the very fast shipping. Ordered on Sat 4/16, and received on Mon 4/18. Will definately do more business with Flying Clipper. Please consider making a Hybrid/Glow-in-the-Dark footbag. Thank you,

Tim Matheson
Tim Matheson

Simply the best juggling scarves I have found, and they double as magical silks.

Jim Perry

Jim Perry

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