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Mr.Jim Fitzgerald, Flying Clipper,
You Guys rock. I have always had trouble making friends and I received my first flying clipper Dirtbag at age 12. I have been happily hacking my way to being a better person because of you guys. I have also used your projects to make friends and believe it or not solve a fight or two. I have played at day camp, scout camp scout meetings, school. and the many hours of free time I have had. Ive brought countless people together with Flying Clipper products recently this summer I have purchased 4 of you amazing products. The Hybrid the Mighty Might and the Dirtbag 8 along with the Dirtbag pouch.
In one of the email's you guys confirmed order I say a line about product test and a video is required. I would be honored if you would view it? But I can kick it around all day and my continuous record is 200 consecutive hits. i watched crazy bare foot skills and I can't do that and i cant stall. I never could and Ive tried to learn but little tricks like that where not what made me falling love with dirtbags. but if you want to have products tested by someone hacking them to hell then you can count on receiving a video from me .
please let me know if this a video your interested in? I ask because I would rather not waste your time with a video that wont be of use to you.
Thank you so much sincerely'
Tim Stoldt
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