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I love this thing
I've had my Dirtbag for almost a decade now. Although, for around 5 years I didn't touch the thing. Sometime, during my early grammar school years (13 or so,) I purchased two of the 8-panels not knowing anything about footbagging. I found them in an odd fishbowl shaped bucket at a skateshop. My friends had earlier introduced me to what they called "hackey-sacking" and brought out crocheted bags. We played in circles all throughout grammar school and through my freshman year of high school. Eventually, I was always called on to bring out my Dirtbag or was cursed for not having it with me. Fast forward to the future: I'm 22 now and I'm at work. I hear someone mention circle-hacks. I immediately flashed back to my past and grew a craving. I dug through some keepsakes (the nostalgia and the fun of it was too much to leave behind) and I found my old 8-panel green/black Dirtbag. The next morning I brought it to work and fellow employees stood in stupor as they used it. One of the coworkers even exclaimed "God, how much did you pay for this thing? I haven't used a good sandbag in ages." I just laughed while reminiscing. To this day (only a week later) I spend the better part of my evenings outside in the light of only a small bulb practicing my once again found stalls and delays. You guys have no idea what you did for me throughout high school and as soon as I have some spare money, I'd like to try out your more advanced bags. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. - Acie O'Kelley
Acie O'Kelley

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