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Tossaball Hybrid 2.8" Special
Pros: - great weight size and feel - vibrant colors - great grip - seem to be very very durable balls that are great for all kinds of juggling styles - hybrid technology really does work well - super fast shipping - the guys at are amazingly helpful and have some of the best costumer service i've ever had the pleasure of working with. cons: - very hard at first - could take a while to get good and broken in upon receiving these balls the first thing i noticed is how bright and vibrant the color is, by far one of the best companies in juggling ball colors that i've used. the second thing i noticed is how solid they feel, they had almost no give to them. i realized that they were brand new and that there was an obvious break in period. following the instructions on the card that they came with i through them into the washing machine and turned them on. after taking them out they had loosened up a little bit but were still very solid. again following the instructions i put them on my dresser(away from direct sunlight as to not fade the color) and left them overnight. the following morning i was very pleased to find that after drying completely they had loosened up and broken in some, although they were still very firm. however, even after a day of use the suede has begun to break in and stretch ever so much that the balls have a great soft, yet not overly broken in feel and due to the hybrid technology the stretching of the fabric(which will stop sooner or later) is the only break in they will have. even after much use i don't ever expect these to become uncomfortably soft. as far as juggle-ability these balls have an amazingly sturdy feel both in your hand and flying through the air. each throw is very consistant and i've begun noticing subtle increases in the stability and trueness of some of my patterns. these balls also have an amazingly durable feel to them, so much so that i don't feel like i'm going to break them by trying high throws over solid ground. with other bags i've used becuase the materials used for the outside feel so flimsy it feels as though they'll bust open at a moments notice, these however feel like i could use them for many a year without having to worry about them getting broken. overall: these are an amazing set of balls that seem like they will last for a very long time. the bright colors and large visible size make them great for either stage juggling in front of a crowd or for great practice. they're very solid and the hybrid technology is really a great thing not only in the way the balls look and feel but in the way they fly through the air. I highly recommend these to new jugglers and seasoned veterans alike.
Max McWhirter

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