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Ultra Soft 2.45 Decorated Juggle Ball

Ultra Soft 2.45 Decorated Juggle Ball

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Ultra Soft 2.45 Decorated Juggle Ball

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The Ultra Soft 2.45 Decorated juggling ball is sure to become one of our best selling numbers juggle balls. A metal stud is affixed to each hand sewn panel of this twelve panel offering giving it a shine in flight like no other before it. The metal studs are held in place by two layers of fabric behind each stud to make sure it stays put, and it does.There is a very low profile on the studs and its hard to tell they are there when you juggle these balls. We know you will like them.
This juggling ball will reflect the slightest amount of light to give the juggler that small added edge of visibility on those high throws in numbers juggling, which comes in handy, especially in low light or mixed light conditions. Add to that all the attributes of our hybrid series including complete washability and you have a great soft reflective juggling ball.

Diameter: 2.45"
Weight: 120 grams

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Customer Reviews:

Hybrid Decorated Juggle Ball  Hybrid Decorated Juggle Ball

I had been thinking about getting these balls for a while, and it seemed a bit of a risk cause of the price and since I am over in the UK and I had never seen anyone with tossaballs, but I gave them a go and boy was it worth it. I am a bit of a juggling ball collecter, I got so many sets but tbh these balls are the only ones I use now. Must admit with the hybrid filling they did feel a bit weird at first and took a day to get used to it but the weight and size is perfect, cause of the way they are filled they feel heavier than they are and than they look, but it makes for really nice clean 5 ball patterns and they are prob my fav for 3 aswell they are just so easy and fun to juggle. The studs sort of work, depends on the lighting really if the lighting is low since you are looking from below there is normally not enough light to see the reflections off the studs, but in good lighting you can see the reflections off the studs and it can make a difference. Especially in really high lighting thats when the studs look really cool when it sorta has a disco ball effect and looks the definition of flashy :P Certainly gives it a different look that makes them stand out. Not showed them off at any juggling festivals yet pretty sure people will be impressed when I get the chance.
Good customer service and fast delivery aswell btw, got a bag with the balls which I really like. Tempted to shop for some more hybrid balls now not sure which ones to get I prefer the softer feel to firm ones so these were an obvious choice.
-- James Christopher


I've just started to juggle and my Klutz balls have been throwing sand everywhere and ripping out so I was looking for something more durable. These handle so much better and after using them and going back to sand filled tennis balls I was able to feel the shifting in the tennis balls. Definitely very nice to juggle with and worth the money. Love the fact that they are washable and I'm confident these will have a long life. I live on the east coast and they came in four days. -- Stephanie "Flutterbug" Swald

Excellent for show  Excellent for show

The hybrid metal studded balls are amazing when you are performing. They add the visibility to a relatively small object. The green star in the center also afford the ball another layer of showy quality. The weight is without compare for performers looking for a techical juggling ball that is easy to control. Buy these if you like to juggle and show off. -- Cory R

2 thumbs + 2 toes up  2 thumbs + 2 toes up

I got 7 of these in March 2012 and work with them 6 days a week. They are great. The only other juggling balls that I've juggled with are by Mister Babache. Though those are good bean bags as well, these ones are on a whole different level.
I still cant get over how they maintain their shape and the way they feel in my hands. They are an absolute pleasure to juggle with.
I have been working on foot stalls and elbow stalls and these bags make it so easy because of their dead drop.I am much better juggler thanks to these ones.
I am from India and I wrote a million mails to Jim who was kind enough to promptly reply to each one them. It gave me a lot of confidence and made it very easy to buy these because of his commitment and experience in designing and making juggling balls.
The only issue that I've faced is that one of the ball stared fading and giving off color(blue). Apart from this the remaining ones(6 red + 1 yellow) look brand new every time they come out of the drier.
I am going to buy from Flying Clipper again and already have my eyes fixed on the 3 inch Plush Puppy.
Flying clipper ki jai ho!!!
-- Ganesh Nayak

Amazeballs!  Amazeballs!

The package arrived and everything is perfect, thanks a lot!
P.S. I can't believe you're passing on the chance to name these balls "AmazeBalls" :)

Thanks again,
-- Yair Cohen

11.05 Ultra Soft 2.45 Decorated Juggle Ball
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