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Juice Facile Pellet-Filled Footbag

Juice Facile Plastic Pellet-Filled Footbag |  Flying Clipper Footbag Supplies

Juice Facile Pellet-Filled Footbag

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Price: $16.00


The Juice Facile footbag is a definite must-have for the aspiring kicker.

This is the footbag that helped Kenny Schults win more World Footbag Titles than any other player in history. The soft supple feel of facile will quickly make you agree with what Kenny says, “This is the juiciest footbag I have ever kicked”.

Diameter: 2.2″

Weight: 35-38 grams

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Nice and juicy!
This high quality footbag has all the excellent characteristics of the original juice but in a nice plush skin. Kicks nice, looks nice, and is well made! Thanks Flying Clipper for another great footbag!
Reviewed Thu, Jun 26 2014 3:13 pm by