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Camo Ammo Footbag

Camo Ammo Footbag

Camo Ammo Footbag

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Price: $12.00

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The new Camo Ammo footbag employs our famous 14 panel design and is made by our friends at World Footbag. A combination of rubber and steel pellets give this footbag a perfect feel for all the stalls under the sun and because of the fabric it also kicks like a dream. Be sure you keep an eye on it though as it may be hard to see in the bush. A wide color selection ensures one just right for all camo covers.

Weight: 80 grams

Dimaeter: 2.2″

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Break out the heavy artillery!
This footbag has a nice durable camoflage canvas type outer cover combined with a recycled rubber/steel pellet filler giving it a soft feel, decent weight, nice pop, and easily stallable.
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