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Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Ball

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Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Ball

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The all new Phat Tyre 14 juggle ball is a great juggle ball for high numbers juggling. Employing our state of the art synthetic suede and our now famous ground up recycled tire rubber for filler material makes this one a must have for anybody contemplating seven or more juggle balls. Small in profile and squeezably soft, these balls are filled to a 70% volume. if you get these balls you will not be disappointed and if by chance you are, our first rate service will become apparent. As in all of our handmade juggle balls, these are machine washable. At this price these will not last long therefore colors are subject to availability.

Diameter: 2.5"

Weight: 110 grams

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Simply put, one touch & one word - and that word is WOW.
The first time you hold a Phat Tyre, you'll have the urge to say that because you'll be hard pressed to recall ever feeling anything quite like it.
Functionality of a juggling prop, however, is obviously more important than feel.
Once again, one catch is all it takes to realize the confidence a Phat Tyre will give you in catching.
If it lands in your hand, it will almost certainly be a catch.
Its resiliency will keep it from bouncing out, its grip will keep it from sliding out, and its weight will keep it right where it lands.
The Phat Tyre is loosely stuffed, but still has sufficient density to make throws right on target.
Its contrasting colors (if that's your preference) allow for great visual spotting, and they are washable so that won't change.
I've made hundreds of my own beanbags to get that 'just right' feel for multiplexing patterns.
The Phat Tyre is unique in that it not only has that 'just right' multiplex feel but is also well suited for numbers juggling - or for any other pattern.
I've hit some of my personal bests shortly after using these, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens with many of you.
Regardless of your juggling style, you won't know what you're missing until you've tried a Phat Tyre.
--Bill Coad
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