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tossaball hybrids
Wow amazingly fast shipping. I absolutely love the tossaball hybrids. At first I was skeptical that there would be much of a difference from my old set but you can tell a difference right out of the packaging and I can already tell a positive difference in my cascades. These have a very nice weight to them and it's very easy to control where they're going and feel them in your hands. These are fabulous and I am absolutely thrilled with them.
Flying Clipper Goes Above And Beyond!
I am delighted with my new tossaballs and Flying Clipper in general. First of all, the shipping was so quick; it seemed no sooner did I place my order and I was juggling with my new balls. Before ordering, I called to get some advice on my selection and talked to Jim who was very helpful. I ended up ordering the 2.8 PU tossaballs & the 2.55 soft tossaballs both of which are serving my purposes perfectly. The 2.55 soft tossaballs are quickly becoming my favorite--I cannot put them down. Also, the tossaball pouch is a really nice pouch. What is most pleasing is that all these balls are hand sewn so perfectly and uniform in size--I don't know how they do it. Lastly, I had asked Jim some questions about footbags because I am starting to learn this activity. Lo and behold, along with my order came a complimentary Dirtbag!! Now I am all set to start the new year with a new skill.
Best Juggle Balls On The Planet
When I was contemplating a 9 month around the world tour where I would be street performing and juggling with my family, I did not have to think long about what juggling balls we would take on our travels. I have a set of 5 Flying Clipper juggling bags that I have used for over 15 years - they are still in fantastic condition and are my favorite juggling bags. I contacted Jim and he set me up with 6 more bags for my family to take along on our travels. The are extremely comfortable, durable and attractive juggling bags with a fantastic weight and feel. In short, they are perhaps the finest juggling bag I have ever used.

Dave Sohigian
Northwest Juggler

--David Sohigian
clipper rules
flying clipper footbags are the ferrari of all bags. the sand filling and hand sewn facile patchwork are second to not. they are the only balls i will even kick. so keep your sorry guatemalen sipa's and tired old hackey sacks. nothing compares to flying clipper! i have rocked flying clipper bags since 95 and have never owned another brand. phish tour would suck without the clipper. :)
Plush Puppies
OK, these beanbags are waaay nicer than I thought they would be! I broke my 5 ball endurance the first day I got them because they are so easy to juggle. I like the size and fabric because my hands do not get tired from grabbing them like a ball. They settle gently into my hand and have a beautiful throw. I got 4 rotations of 5 ball mills for the first time with these just yesterday. I'm getting more!
--Robert Wood
Great Service
Hey. I've ordered from here twice now and just wanted to say you guys do a great job. Fast shipping, quality hacks, and the best prices. I will definitely be ordering from you guys as often as needed and will keep recommending you to my buddies. Thanks.
--Chris Sherwood
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