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Great products - especially the footbags. I hack every day during lunch at school. Fellow footbaggers luv them too! I have recommended you to all my friends.
Hybrid footbags
i odered a metal filled footbag. i recieved it in the mail today but it also came with a hybrid footbag filled with plastic and sand. i tried out the hybrid and i absolutely love it. it has the perfect kick to it. i recommend any hybrid footbags for begginers and pros.
now its just hybrids for me.
Thank you flyingclipper for this amazing footbag.

--Chris Williamson
I love this thing
I've had my Dirtbag for almost a decade now. Although, for around 5 years I didn't touch the thing. Sometime, during my early grammar school years (13 or so,) I purchased two of the 8-panels not knowing anything about footbagging. I found them in an odd fishbowl shaped bucket at a skateshop. My friends had earlier introduced me to what they called "hackey-sacking" and brought out crocheted bags. We played in circles all throughout grammar school and through my freshman year of high school. Eventually, I was always called on to bring out my Dirtbag or was cursed for not having it with me. Fast forward to the future: I'm 22 now and I'm at work. I hear someone mention circle-hacks. I immediately flashed back to my past and grew a craving. I dug through some keepsakes (the nostalgia and the fun of it was too much to leave behind) and I found my old 8-panel green/black Dirtbag. The next morning I brought it to work and fellow employees stood in stupor as they used it. One of the coworkers even exclaimed "God, how much did you pay for this thing? I haven't used a good sandbag in ages." I just laughed while reminiscing. To this day (only a week later) I spend the better part of my evenings outside in the light of only a small bulb practicing my once again found stalls and delays. You guys have no idea what you did for me throughout high school and as soon as I have some spare money, I'd like to try out your more advanced bags. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. - Acie O'Kelley
--Acie O'Kelley
I thank you....
Got really good service. Emailed a question; Jim called me back within one minute. He spent time explaining the choices (I'm trying to learn 5), was professional and fun to talk with and he gave me a good price. He should teach other companies how to treat customers.
Joe Stevens

PS: The Hybrid Metal Studded Suede ball is terrific.

--Joe Stevens
Insanely fast delivery!
You guys rock! I ordered a 32 panel DirtBag in electric yellow/black late Saturday afternoon and It already arrived in the mail! Great service, highly recommended. Will be purchasing more products from you guys! Thanks again.
Juggle Balls
As an international customer, naturally I was at first a little cautious in ordering... However, the process was handled very professionally and the small problems (not due to Flying Clipper) were ironed out quickly. The products are excellent. Thank you Flying Clipper, I will be ordering again shortly.
--Andy Leese
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