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Great footbags!
I order 2 footbags the other day and I came home from school to day to see THREE footbags in the mail. He sent me a freebie because I really wanted it and did not order it. But he really cares for his customers. The products are great one of the best footbags I've used!
I'd suggest the steller staller if you want to play in the dark its great! Will be buying more thanks!

Tossaball Ultra Suedes
These, and their smaller 2.55" brothers, are the best juggling balls/beanbags I've ever used. They really do juggle like balls whilst retaining the dead drop of beanbags. They keep their shape, are washable, and seem virtually indestructible. These qualities, combined with the excellent service offered by the Flying Clipper guys, means that I would wholeheartedly recommend these balls to anyone whether they are a beginner or a professional.

Simon, Taiwan.
Simon Hall

Satisfied in Huber Heights, OH
You guys are the best on the net. Great prices. I think this is my third or fourth time ordering from you guys. Wont go anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

Chris Sherwood

Customer service from the juggle ball designer
Mr Fitzgerald,
I got the replacement balls Friday. They are just fine. That juggle pouch is really nice too. I was tempted to keep the orange and yellow balls just from greed but i can't juggle 7 balls at once (yet) anyway, so here you go. Hope the post mortem on them is helpful. It's really nice dealing with someone who has pride in what they do. I spent a lot of time searching the web before I plunked down my cash (I'm really frugal). I'm also pretty easy going though. I wasn't going to complain about a little vatiation in the product but frankly, every time I reached in my bag I avoided those two balls in favor of the others. It really is nice that you stood behind your wares and insisted on perfection. In my opinion that will help you in the long run. I am a member of and I've seen some vendors blacklisted because of poor service or inconsistent quality. Anyway, it's been great dealing with you. Even before this, I have plugged your site to some hacky sackers I've met. I'll certainly do so again.
Thanks again,
R Whisner

Great Gift!
After ording a footbag from Flying Clipper I reiceved an additional one as a gift for serving overseas. Thanks Flying Clipper you made my deployment much more interesting!

Great products and customer service
I wasn't sure what footbags I'd like best so I order a few: sand dirtbag, hybrid, mega metal, mighty mite, and the juice elite pro.

My favorites are the metal filled bags: mega metal, mighty mite, and juice elite pro. I really like the size and weight of the metal bags. Get one - I promise you won't be disappointed. I even received a free glow in the dark bag to try out....thank you! It made playing outside in the dark so enjoyable! :) I'll be ordering more stuff in the future for sure!!!!
Pauline Galley

Great service again!
I have made two orders with Flying Clipper and both arrived within three days. I thought the first arrival was just a fluke but after the second arrival I am now certain that Flying Clipper is the best resource there is to purchase footbags. Oh, and the Mighty Mite Dirtbag kicks great. Hack it up!

Great products - especially the footbags. I hack every day during lunch at school. Fellow footbaggers luv them too! I have recommended you to all my friends.

Hybrid footbags
i odered a metal filled footbag. i recieved it in the mail today but it also came with a hybrid footbag filled with plastic and sand. i tried out the hybrid and i absolutely love it. it has the perfect kick to it. i recommend any hybrid footbags for begginers and pros.
now its just hybrids for me.
Thank you flyingclipper for this amazing footbag.
Chris Williamson

I love this thing
I've had my Dirtbag for almost a decade now. Although, for around 5 years I didn't touch the thing. Sometime, during my early grammar school years (13 or so,) I purchased two of the 8-panels not knowing anything about footbagging. I found them in an odd fishbowl shaped bucket at a skateshop. My friends had earlier introduced me to what they called "hackey-sacking" and brought out crocheted bags. We played in circles all throughout grammar school and through my freshman year of high school. Eventually, I was always called on to bring out my Dirtbag or was cursed for not having it with me. Fast forward to the future: I'm 22 now and I'm at work. I hear someone mention circle-hacks. I immediately flashed back to my past and grew a craving. I dug through some keepsakes (the nostalgia and the fun of it was too much to leave behind) and I found my old 8-panel green/black Dirtbag. The next morning I brought it to work and fellow employees stood in stupor as they used it. One of the coworkers even exclaimed "God, how much did you pay for this thing? I haven't used a good sandbag in ages." I just laughed while reminiscing. To this day (only a week later) I spend the better part of my evenings outside in the light of only a small bulb practicing my once again found stalls and delays. You guys have no idea what you did for me throughout high school and as soon as I have some spare money, I'd like to try out your more advanced bags. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. - Acie O'Kelley
Acie O'Kelley

I thank you....
Got really good service. Emailed a question; Jim called me back within one minute. He spent time explaining the choices (I'm trying to learn 5), was professional and fun to talk with and he gave me a good price. He should teach other companies how to treat customers.
Joe Stevens

PS: The Hybrid Metal Studded Suede ball is terrific.
Joe Stevens

Insanely fast delivery!
You guys rock! I ordered a 32 panel DirtBag in electric yellow/black late Saturday afternoon and It already arrived in the mail! Great service, highly recommended. Will be purchasing more products from you guys! Thanks again.

Juggle Balls
As an international customer, naturally I was at first a little cautious in ordering... However, the process was handled very professionally and the small problems (not due to Flying Clipper) were ironed out quickly. The products are excellent. Thank you Flying Clipper, I will be ordering again shortly.
Andy Leese

Long time customer
I appreciate reviews online from people who really know the product. That said, I have been juggling with Flying Clipper balls for more than 15 years and I don't know if their is a brand or product to which I am more loyal. Despite trying every new toy I can find in juggling, I always come back to my 32 panel suede Clippers. Needless to say, I highly recommend.

Best of luck to you and thanks for creating such a solid product for so many years.

mighty mite
I ordered a mighty mite foot-bag and received it within a few days. also, Jim threw in another mighty mite with new material for free! love these products, i have been using them for years and will keep using them.

Quick, awesome!
I can't believe how quickly I received my hybrids! I am new to juggling and so excited to learn with a quality set of juggling balls. They feel great, and I've already improved a great deal (I was using balled up socks!). I even juggled for a few minutes before going to work today - just to get that extra practice in. Can't wait to get good, consistent, and masterful.
Jonathan London

Recent Order
Just received my dirt bag 4 panel footbag, very pleased with the quality of work and the very fast shipping. Ordered on Sat 4/16, and received on Mon 4/18. Will definately do more business with Flying Clipper. Please consider making a Hybrid/Glow-in-the-Dark footbag. Thank you,

Tim Matheson
Tim Matheson

Simply the best juggling scarves I have found, and they double as magical silks.

Jim Perry

Jim Perry

This site is amazing
This site is amazing things can get kinda dull on base and foot bag is the best way to pass time I've ordered countless door bags from here and they arrive fast as hell and last foooorrever thanks again me and my Airforce buddies thank you

You Guys Rock
Mr.Jim Fitzgerald, Flying Clipper,
You Guys rock. I have always had trouble making friends and I received my first flying clipper Dirtbag at age 12. I have been happily hacking my way to being a better person because of you guys. I have also used your projects to make friends and believe it or not solve a fight or two. I have played at day camp, scout camp scout meetings, school. and the many hours of free time I have had. Ive brought countless people together with Flying Clipper products recently this summer I have purchased 4 of you amazing products. The Hybrid the Mighty Might and the Dirtbag 8 along with the Dirtbag pouch.
In one of the email's you guys confirmed order I say a line about product test and a video is required. I would be honored if you would view it? But I can kick it around all day and my continuous record is 200 consecutive hits. i watched crazy bare foot skills and I can't do that and i cant stall. I never could and Ive tried to learn but little tricks like that where not what made me falling love with dirtbags. but if you want to have products tested by someone hacking them to hell then you can count on receiving a video from me .
please let me know if this a video your interested in? I ask because I would rather not waste your time with a video that wont be of use to you.
Thank you so much sincerely'
Tim Stoldt
Tim Stoldt

Your Dirtbags and E-newsletters
Hey, I got 3 of your 32-panel dirtbags (green, red, and blue) and they're really good, especially since I'm new to footbag (one of those "hackysack converts" if you will)! What I especially like about your footbags is that you can get them in several colors, which ensures a good quality and personality to each individual footbag that I buy. I would also like to receive your e-newsletters and the e-newsletter special going on to the end of February. Keep up the good work!
Joshua Burch

Hybrid 12
Wow...amazingly fast shipping. I'm all the way across the country and it only took 3 days. And the product, wonderful. I love the feel of this new bag, seems very tough and very flexible. The feel is perfect and it broke in around only 2 hours. A+++ product. You need this bag, the DirtbagŪ Hybrid 12!

Dirtbag 62
This footbag is the bomb. I'm pretty much a professional now that I have one of these. I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about buying one. There was a little hiccup with the delivery of the footbag, but once the problem was figured out, it was overnight delivered for free, just in time for my bachelor party.
dan skelton

Dirt Bag 62 Panel
I want to say that the 62 panel dirtbag is a high quality footbag. I owned a 8 panel dirt bag for over a year and i only got a small tear in it. I played almost every day having a passion for the activity. Now with the 62 panel I know it will be a long long long time before it will tear or wear down. As soon as I got a chance I started hacking it up and it had a lot of pop. And a lot of grip for flicking it on the ground. It was definitely worth the money. Go get yours and have a good time! One Love.
Sam Dice

Customer Service
I highly recommend Flying Clipper for all your footbag and juggle ball needs. I heard of the company through a friend who purchased two footbags from the website, all of which are a blast to use. After my friend would leave, I was left with my over the counter pellet filled footbag which just did not feel right after using a quality footbag. A couple days later I found myself on browsing their wide selection to find a replacement to my cheaply made footbag. I ordered three, and love every one of them. If I ever need another footbag again, I will be sure to return to
Nathan Gantt

I just got the "Juice" pellet filled and it is the best. It's lighter than I thought it would be but it kicks like a dream. Flying Clipper even threw in an extra dirtbag for free! Talk about pals!

Max H.

played net, years ago, chicago 99, vancouver 00, best years of my life, i'm on the darkside, and the juice and legend net bags that i played with back then are being used by my son today, 12 years and the bags still hold up, thats why when i wanted to buy new bags, i went with the name i trust, FLYING CLIPPER, of course. keep it up, SIU will see footbagging again

I'm really impressed with the quickness i got my order. Took only about 4 days to get here! Ordered on Friday night got it Monday afternoon. Just Awesome!
Kaptain Kroton and the Flying Apes Salute you!

Another satisfied customer
"Oregon Made" Juice facile dirtbag baby! The best there ever was and the best there ever will be!

A great company and a great product
I have been recreationally juggling for the last 25 years. In the past, I put out money for a decent set of clubs and torches, but somehow always neglected upgrading my beanbags from the old seed-filled tricolors that I picked up from somewhere.

I just got the set of hybrid softs that I ordered from your company, and they are everything I had hoped that they would be. Thank you for taking jugglers seriously enough to provide them with such a quality product. I've got the bug back again.

BTW: Thanks for honoring your discounted shipping price even though it wasn't intended for me. I'm really big on customer service, and that was above and beyond. It's things like that that build a loyal customer base.

Merci au Canada,
David Marsh
David Marsh

8 year old dirtbag still kickin'
I've had one Classic 8 Panel DirtBag for 8 years now, and it's been though a lot! I can't believe how well it's held up, and only recently has the suede worn thin enough for holes to appear. This footbag is in my pocket every single day, ready to pass the time. My friends and I play for hours almost every day. My DirtBag is on top of the list when it comes to control and comfort. I'll have to buy a new one soon. Thanks a ton guys!!
Joel Bringolf

2.55in soft hybrid
I'm a professional actor who juggles when called for on stage, and the 2.55in soft hybrid are PERFECT. Easy to catch and throw, and don't bounce or roll off the stage when you drop one. I'm juggling better because I'll practice more with these. Highly recommended.

2.55 Tossaball Hybrids
Recently ordered 3 more balls. I already had 7, all different colors. I wanted a few more so I could keep some in my prop bag, and have some for my backpack I take to work. I really liked that the new batch was a consistent feel with the older ones. The lime green really looks good. I thought about buying some cheap beaters but considering the abuse these have held up under, I decided it wasn't worth buying something less.
Robert Whisner

Me and my friends placed an order for some Dirtbags so we can pass the time out here in Iraq. We were completely satisfied with what we received and were surprised how fast we got them. On behalf of the Marines here in Iraq we Thank you Flying Clipper, your service rocks! Take care.

2.55 Hybrid soft Juggleballs
I've had my set of 5 2.55in soft blue Tossaballs for a year now, and they have been great. I just got a set of Harlequins. You just can't have too many Tossaballs!

My compliments - not only are they prettier than the photos, but they are noticeably easier to see against any background and lighting.

Thanks - keep up the excellent quality, style and service!
Greg Gregoriades

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