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Flying clipper Footbags
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Comments: consistent, reliable, innovative, durable, world class footbags hands down. i recommend you to any player on any skill level.

--Joshua Gilmore
Tossaball 32 panel
I ordered seven of the suede tossaball 32 panel beanbags, and they are wonderful for numbers juggling. My five-ball pattern suddenly got exponentially better in a couple of days, and when i go back to the $5 vinyl balls i used before, they feel like rocks. The texture of the suede and the slightly underfilled packing of the birdseed makes these the easiest balls to catch I can imagine. I have juggled the 12-panel tossaballs as well, and I would reccommend those to a juggler who prefers a slightly heavier ball, but the 32-panel balls are fantastic, and more attractive in my opinion.
I ordered some footbags to take on a mission trip to Nicaragua. Jim not only got me the order promptly, he donated a dozen more. The kids loved them. I was worried they may not be familiar with them, but they flipping and kicking as soon as they got them. I appreciate your product and your generosity. Thanks again.


--Bill Kerns
Fantastic quality and customer appreciation!
I can't say enough about Flying Clipper and their products. From the 8-panel Dirtbags to the Juice, Hybrid 12, and my most trusted footbag companions, the Alpha and Legend, which I've been kicking around for years. They're all top-of-the-line quality footbags that stand the test of time. On top of that, they have the best prices, incredibly fast shipping, and fantastic customer service. Quick story: I haven't kicked in about 10-years. Marriage, kids, no more Grateful Dead or Phish tours... it happens. However, within the last week I got the urge to start kicking again and this was the first place I looked to track down some new bags. I ordered a Juice and Hybrid 12. Since I've been out of the loop for awhile, I sent a comment along with my order requesting a recommendation of bag(s) which may suit my preferred style of play (I like a lively bag over one which is floppy and too easily stalled). I received my order within two days. Along with the gorgeous Juice and Hybrid 12 bags came a personal letter as well as a complementary prototype hybrid footbag which the company president thought would suit my preference of "pop" over "flop". Talk about going above and beyond... Now I'm not saying that everyone can expect to receive "freebies" with their orders, but I am saying that this is obviously a company that takes a genuine interest in the sport and their customers. They have my highest recommendation. By the way, to the folks at Flying Clipper, I sure hope that prototype hybrid makes it's way into regular production someday 'cause it ROCKS. Thanks again! Your kind gesture will not be forgotten.
--Jeremy Cionca
Flying Clipper Went Way Above Expectations
This is an extremely well run company that makes high quality footbags. I will never part with my 32 pannel, it plays great everytime. Thanks for everything flying clipper you did a great job.
--Andrew Johnson
Tossaball 12 Ultra Suede Beanbags
I recently received my Tossaball 12 Ultra Suede beanbags and they are by far the best juggling beanbag I have ever used (and I have used quite a few now!). I personally like the feel even more so than the inside out leather ones (though those are also great!). And the 120 gram weight is perfect. An awesome product and a must have for any serious juggler!
--John Peloquin
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