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I teach high school and have new students each year who gain an interest in playing. As skills develop so does an understanding of why high quality footbags are so much better to play with. Flying Clipper bags are the best. Footbag is a great way for me to connect with my students, and for students to meet new friends..thanks for keeping the sport going for so long now.(we who play, know the educational value of the sport. there could be some potential here for your company??)Aditionally, If i could make a suggestion it would be to offer sepak takra balls as a purchase option. They seem to only be available through canadian or asian distributors.. with highest regards, jeff lin
--jeff lin
Hybrid Juggling Bags
Jim, I discovered a nice feature of your Hybrids. If the covering is wetted, it increases the "tack"... almost like a silicon ball but without the bounce! Ed
--Ed Kreusser
16 years of kicking!
9-5-07 Last night an era came to an end. It all started when my mom and dad traveled to California when I was 14. They came home with a *hacky sack* and I was stoked...a young man in Indiana had a footbag all the way from California! I played with that footbag everywhere...all through high-school. Then through college in Southern Indiana at Vincennes. Even my first job in Chattanooga, TN...I can remember playing out back on my lunch break. I came home to Indiana, was married and traveled all over the US and overseas. My little black and white checkered hacky sack followed me kept me busy while waiting at every major airport on the east coast. I played with it in every major city in the US and - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, England, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, and Hawaii. I've thrown and kicked it since I was 14. I turned 30 last weekend. Do the math...that's 16 years! Well, last night, my little hacky sack developed a small hole...the little white pellets started coming out. They rolled out onto the ground almost in slow motion...I couldn't believe was over. The bag is so worn, you can't even read the logo on it...but I've always remembered, "iKic". Thank god for the internet, I typed in "iKic Footbag" and low and I can get a new one. I'm interested to see what the sand one is like. Interested to start a new era for my hacky sack. I can't imagine how you can make a profit selling a product for $10.00 that lasts 16 years! But I want to applaud you for making a great was probably the greatest dollar investment that my parents ever made. And, just to be clear, I don't want to mislead's not like I just played with it gently. I was really rough on it, fell in water several times...stepped on it, in dog's took a beating. Thank you -Jason Brown *a raving fan*
--Jason Brown
Customer service was outstanding!
I had a one in a million defect with my dirtbag, and the situation was resolved within three emails. No time wasted= more time hacking XD
Review: Tossaball® Hybrid 2.45" Ultra Suede Soft Juggle Ball
I've been the happy owner of half a dozen Hybrid 2.45" soft balls. They are proving to be as awesome as anticipated, and that's QUITE AWESOME. I love the combination of a little "extra" weight and the smaller, loosely filled ball. It settles into the hand perfectly. As one of my juggling workmates astutely summed up, "They want to be caught."

If (who am I kidding) WHEN I buy more, I'll probably stick with the darker colors. I got one orange ball, and it shows dirt pretty quickly. I know they're washable, but still, I like that the darker balls don't show show much evidence of my drops.

Thanks for making a great product!

Flying Colors for Flying Clipper!
Wow -fast service and great product! I appreciate the customer-oriented philosophy of the Flying Clipper!
--Gina Mireault
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