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Juggling Balls and Footbags from Flying Clipper!


Take all footbag and juggling tricks to the limit with our high-quality, handmade juggling balls and footbags! Flying Clipper is home to the durable DirtbagŪ footbags and TossaballŪ juggling balls that make beginners feel like pros! Just getting started in the world of juggling balls or footbag? Our juggling supplies and footbag videos or books can help you to get a good start! Plus, get into the spirit with our selection of Flying Clipper extras! We take pride in designing and creating the world's leading handmade, high-quality Dirtbag  footbags and TossaballŪ juggling balls!

Stally Footbag
Was: 5.00 Now Only $4.25
The Stally footbag is a tribute to John Stalberger and Mike Marshall as the co-inventors of the original Hacky...
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Dirtbag Mini-Stinger
Was: 8.00 Now Only $6.00
This steel pellet filled wonder is the smallest we make. A true mini-footbag that packs a punch. Smaller than...
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World Cup DirtbagŪ 32-Panel Footbag
Was: 14.00 Now Only $11.90
BLOWOUT SALE ! This one-of-a-kind 32-panel DirtbagŪ footbag with the World Cup Soccer logos is definitely a collectors item. Same...
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Camo Ammo Footbag
Was: 12.00 Now Only $10.20
The new Camo Ammo footbag employs our famous 14 panel design and is made by our friends at World...
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Niels Duinker Performance Highlights and Learn To Juggle DVD
Was: 15.00 Now Only $12.75
This DVD contains 32 minutes show footage and 35 minutes Learn to juggle instruction.  The great Niels Duinker at...
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Trojan Footbag
Was: 16.00 Now Only $13.60
The Trojan footbag is a great all around footbag that is good for stalls as well as all...
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Every Flying Clipper juggle ball and footbag (same as a Hacky Sack*, only better) is designed by us, right here in the USA! When you get a Flying Clipper product, you are not only supporting genuine footbag sport pioneers, you are getting the BEST FOOTBAGS AND JUGGLE BALLS MONEY CAN BUY! Why settle for cheaper footbags and juggle balls, when nothing lasts as long or flies as high as a genuine Flying Clipper product.

*"Dirtbag" and "Tossaball" are registered trademarks of Flying Clipper.
*"Hacky Sack" is a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc.

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