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Phat Tyre Pro Footbag

Phat Tyre Pro Footbag By Dirtbag

Phat Tyre Pro Footbag

Price: $11.90



This is it! The culmination of our 28 years of experience combined with the cooperation of professional footbag freestyler, Nick Landes the Phat Tyre footbag is the best freestyle footbag we have ever produced, built for all stalls just like the Pros. Featuring a brand new soft and durable cover material and filled with a combination of steel pellets and ground up recycled rubber, no footbag will stall as good as the new Phat Tyre. That's because of the rubber mixed with steel. The weight of the steel pellets makes this one stall like a dream and the rubber gives the footbag a soft touch to the kick.
Featuring our original Flying Clipper 32 panel design, this beauty weighs in at a whopping 80 grams. When we say "Phat" we mean "Phat"!
Diameter: 2.25"
Weight: 80 grams