Dec 18

Hats off to Bennett Santora and his juggling skills. He has found new juggle balls to accommodate his style of juggling and we are happy to announce he has chosen our Phat Tyre juggle balls for all of his performances. At only 9 years old we think that will be for a long, long time. Thanks Bennett for your support of the inventors here at Clipperville.

Bennett juggles Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls video:

Here are the specs to his Phat Tyre juggle balls:

Cover material: Synthetic suede (Machine washable)

Sew pattern: Flying Clippers’ original 32 panel

Diameter: 2.75″

Weight: 125 grams

Fill material: Recycled rubber

phatty_32_group_pouch (2)

Dec 15

Bill Coad does it again by achieving a new record in the 7 Ball Triplex category using our Dirtbag Classic footbags. We have since sent him a set of our Phat Tyre 14 Light juggle balls to see what else he can accomplish. Congratulations Bill and keep up the good work.



Dec 10

Flying Clipper is teaming up with WECARE Sports to donate 131 high quality Tossaball Hybrid Juggle Balls to school children to help promote an atmosphere of learning and positive activity. Thanks to our friends at WECARE for helping us spread good cheer and the fun of juggling to many school children who might not otherwise participate. Keep up the good work Mr Hughs and congratulations on passing the 1,000,000 mark on children you have taught.

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

Dec 7

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A big thank you to all of our loyal customers. Enjoy our holiday discount with 20% off site wide including specials at up to 30% off. Happy Days to all. Flying Clipper salutes you!

Dec 7

Bill Coad juggles a 10 ball quadplex record within the first hour of receiving his order of 12 Dirtbag  footbags. We here at Flying Clipper are designing our handmade balls for both hand and feet juggling. Show us what you can do with your Flying Clipper footbags and juggle balls.  Nice job Bill. Thanks for the clip.


Dec 2

Item: Dirtbag Stellar Staller

Product Rating: 5

Submitter: Kris

Headline: Great hacky sack

Review: Bought the sand filled one and it was perfect. It has just the right amount of sand in it so it doesnt go lop-sided when you give it a glancing hit. Despite this it is still easy to stall, plus it stands up to heavy use and was still working fine 5 months later until I lost it. Im ordering another one now and thought I’d review it to help anyone else looking for a good hackey sack. Would buy for a third time if I manage to lose the second one!

Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks Kris for the great review and letting others know about our Stellar Staller footbags.

steller-staller_3-pkGLOWS IN THE DARK!

Dec 2
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Flying Clipper is pleased to announce our annual holiday discount which runs until January 2, 2014. We are offering our biggest site wide sale ever with a 20% discount on all products and up to 30% off on selected products. This is our way of saying thanks to all of our friends and loyal customers. Happy Holidays to all from the home of hand made fun….Flying Clipper!



Nov 27
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DENNIS ROSS at the net!

DENNIS ROSS at the net!

As many of you know Dennis Ross is a founding partner of Flying Clipper (est April 2, 1983). Dennis is also my cousin in as much as our mothers are sisters. I remember on a visit many years ago to see my favorite aunt and cousins, I brought along my Hacky Sack…yes Hacky Sack!  This was several years before before Flying Clipper became a business and even before Soc Sac was invented. Everyone kicked with a Hacky Sack because that is all there was and we were thankful. Dennis and I with a very young Leah (Leah Faust, also my cousin), formed a circle in front of their home and I was showing both how to kick the footbag. It was not an easy game to learn in those early days and it could be a little intimidating to new players. Dennis however learned to walk before he could crawl. If memory serves me correctly he walked at 10 months old. His mother watched from the porch and we talked as I took a break to let the two do their best to keep the footbag in the air. My Aunt Shirley said “Dennis is good at whatever he does and he will be good at this game as well.” Boy was that an understatement of the facts. Little did we know at the time that Dennis would rise to be an elite footbag player in both footbag freestyle and footbag net. Winning multiple footbag national and world championships, Dennis is also a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame . Reed Gray and I could see his potential in those early years. Kenny Shults once told me that Dennis combines his freestyle moves as no one else ever has. He had a way of starting his routines from point “A” and building into a dynamic degree of high difficulty while maintaining and ease of control that made his moves seem effortless to those who were watching.

As in the photo above, you would not want to see his spike coming at you on the net court. I know I have been tagged a few times with his net spike and I did not appreciate it.:-) I may have tagged him once…once… maybe! I have always been great full for my association with the footbag community and the memories I have are of good times with close friends and Dennis Ross is both a friend and I am happy to say family as well.

Dennis Ross Flying High

Dennis Ross Flying High


Hacky Sack is a registered trademark of Whamo.




. Well that was an understatement at the least as many know how great a player he became. Dennis Ross aka “DR” as in ” The Doctor is In, is a multiple time National and World Footbag Champion and is a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame.



Nov 22

A customer review of our Tossaball Hybrid Ultra Suede 2.55″ juggle balls.

I wanted to try these out after owning the 2.45 soft version of these. They are firm, which if you are on a stage where you drop frequently they might tend to roll more than the 2.45″ soft juggle balls. Also if they collide they go flying. If you’re a beginner or are learning new tricks or numbers I’d recommend the soft. If you already got your pattern and catches down good these are nice. They stay nice and round and are a great size. The hybrid technology also is not a gimmick it really works as advertised. They have a very predictable flight path, and don’t wobble if they spin. I wash these in the washing machine like the other Flying Clipper balls I own. Let them dry by air or throw them in the dryer for a cycle and they come out as good as new.

5 Star Rating

Geoff Goldridge

Tossaball Ultra Suede Juggle Balls

Tossaball Ultra Suede Juggle Balls

Nov 20
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Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

We received a chance to be a part of the IJA (International Jugglers’ Association)  “PROPS 2 U” campaign to send juggling props around the world bringing the great pastime of juggling to new places positively impacting people of differing cultures. Our donation of 15 new Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls will be added to donations from other companies and individuals and will soon arrive in South Korea. We appreciate this opportunity to share what we do here at Flying Clipper with others in the juggling world. Thanks IJA!

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