Flying Clipper Footbag Donation Arrives in Chile

The moment finally arrived, the shipment of footbags from Flying Clipper made it to Chile.

Chile children

The children at Colegio Los Almendros in La Florida were the first to receive the bags and were very excited. These students have been playing footbag every Friday to help their English.

Among others who will receive the footbags over the coming months are some of Chile best freestyle football players, as well as Olympic athletes who have also been receiving English classes.

Chilean athletes English

The donation is an incredible opportunity to build the Footbag community in Chile and the rest of South America, with plans underway to build a competition from the English programs.

It is hoped that the application for the Chilean government program “Start-Up Chile will be a great success. You can see what’s happening in Chile in the video below.


Footbag Chile gives a huge thankyou to Flying Clipper and a vamos to all Chilenos to start playing this great sport!!

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