Jul 23

We’re getting so many entries, and there is still tons of time left to enter if you haven’t already! :)

Jul 23

Really amazing review of our brand new 32-panel Tossaball. This is a version of our Phat Tyre footbag turned into a juggle ball! And it’s made with recycled materials just like our Phat Tyre, amazing!

Jul 21

We’re getting a new entry at least once a day since the contest started, and we’ve still got a lot of time left to enter! This contest is heating up fast :)

Jul 20

Check it out, we got this entry late last night and it is so EPIC!!

Jul 17

We got our third video submission today! Check it out:

Jul 15

Check it out, we’ve already got our first two entries for the Flying Clipper 2012 Summer EPIContest!



Jul 14

Hello jugglers! Summer is officially underway and I don’t know about you but I want to see some awesome juggling videos! So to help inspire everyone to break out their cameras Flying Clipper is hosting the Summer EpiContest! This is the YouTube based contest where you get to show off your skills and win some awesome prizes.


Contest Deadline: August 15th, 11:59pm

To make it simple this contest has only two rules:

  1. Your video must be titled: “Flying Clipper 2012 Summer EPIContest”

  2. Your video must be less than 3 minutes, or 180 seconds.

We want to see YOUR video! No matter what your skill level, and encourage your friends to make one too :)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will win a brand new set of Flying Clipper‘s newest juggle balls in our Tossaball Line-Up.

You can let us know you posted your video via our @Tossaball Twitter Page, our Flying Clipper Facebook Page, or in a comment here on our blog :)

Jul 7

The Juggle Monk, Peter Irish is a unique juggler who combines hands and feet when he juggles. He is approaching eight balls juggling three on his feet while maintaining five in the hands. No one on the planet can do what Peter Irish can do. If you want to find out how he does it, you should consider attending this years’ International Jugglers’ Convention July 16- 22 in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  


Peter will be doing workshops teaching all who are interested in the fundamentals of hands and feet juggling. Being a long time friend of the Flying Clipper brothers, Peter has recently become involved in helping Flying Clipper design the perfect ball for hands and feet juggling. The ball that we came up with is the new Tossaball® Plush Puppy t.m.. Peter now uses them exclusively in all his performances. Flying Clipper and Peter will debut the new Plush Puppy  at the convention later this month.

Be sure to look for them at flyingclipper.com by the middle of this month. Hats off to Peter Irish for all of his help in the design of yet another amazing handmade juggle ball in the Tossaball®line-up.

Keep in touch because Flying Clipper will soon debut the all new innovative and unique Tossaball® Phat Tyre t.m. juggle ball which we believe will be the best all around juggle ball we have ever produced.

Jim Fitzgerald – Hybrid Designer

Jun 26

Did you know there is a place where you can sit for hours and enjoy high-quality, footbag and juggle videos? It’s called your couch! You can now watch tons of videos that have been pre-approved to be 100% AWESOME right here at the Flying Clipper website! Check it out: Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos


More Stuff > Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos

More Stuff Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos

Some good hacky sack or footbag videos and juggle videos from YouTube.

If you’ve got hacky sack or juggle videos of yourself using Flying Clipper products, send them to us. We’ll post ‘em here! Click on any photo for a larger view.


Footbag Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!

Footbag Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!


Juggle Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!

Juggle Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!


Jun 14

This year Flying Clipper will be sponsoring an event called the “Flow Juggle Spin! Festival” hosted by MadSkillz Vancouver in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia!

To sponsor this event Flying Clipper has donated a set of our very own Tossaball® Handmade Hybrid Juggle Balls and a Flying Clipper Logo Carrying Pouch.

We are so excited to be able to contribute to this wonderful event in its third year now. The organizers are expecting a very large turnout for this circus- and cabaret-themed festival! Don’t miss out on the chance to get your tickets early, this will be an event you and your family are SURE to remember! You can get in touch with them on Social Media using the links below, and remember to buy tickets for the festival at the MadSkillz website!

Twitter account – @vanmadsklilz

Check out this cool video too, and below that is the official info from the MadSkillz website announcement:

MadSkillz Vancouver 2012 – AGAIN ONLY BETTER!

In June 2010, Madskillz Vancouver hosted the first gathering in the city dedicated to spinning & juggling arts. The Madskillz: Flow Juggle Spin! Festival, showcasing amazing homegrown talent as well as special international guest stars, was a smash, with over a hundred festival attendees and a fantastic Gala Showcase at the Rio theatre. Our third annual Festival will be held from June 22-24 2012 in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. With 3 days of workshops, 2 cabaret shows, games and dozens of incredible performers & teachers, the city will swing once again to the carnival rhythm. Get ready, the circus is in town!

Check out our first year’s MadSkillz Vancouver: Flow Juggle Spin! Festival article in the Vancouver Sun here!


2pm Door Opens @ Circus West

2pm-8pm Open Jam

4pm-7pm Workshops

7pm SideShow Studios Open

8pm Greet & Meet Potluck @ SideShow Studios (15 W.2nd Ave.)

9pm-late Emerging Artist Show, Renegade Show and after show jam @ SideShow Studios


10am-7pm Open Jam and Workshop(first workshops starts at 11am) @ Circus West

1pm-130pm Lunch Break(no workshops)

715pm Meet at Grandview Park on Commercial Dr. for a parade to the Gala Show

8pm Doors Open for Gala Show @ Wise Hall

830pm Gala Show starts.

11pm-3am After Show Jam @ Circus West


10am-6pm Open Jam and Workshop(first workshops starts at 1130am) @ Circus West

230pm Games and Raffle Prize Draw

6pm Festival ends. See you next year!

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