Mar 27

Bill Coad continues posting new multiplex juggling records using Flying Clipper handmade balls. This one is for 10 ball quadplex and he manages 100 catches to set a new record. Bill could use other balls for his record attempts but he understands our commitment to producing a juggle ball for every discipline of juggling. We appreciate Bills’ efforts and we are sending him our latest offering of 8 new 32 panel 2.55″ RECYCLED rubber filled juggle balls. We have designed these beauties to fit Bills style of juggling and we hope it will help him achieve his next record. Thanks Bill and keep up the good work.

32 Panel Recycled Rubber Filled Juggle Balls

32 Panel Recycled Rubber Filled Juggle Balls


Jan 1

Bill Coad does it again and this time he breaks the world record for 5 ball duplex using our Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Balls.  “Wow” is how he describes these great juggle balls and we agree with his assessment and also add our own “Wow” to his great juggling skills. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Keep up the good work Bill! Here is a link to view the record which is approximately 15,000 catches. Like he said to us, “Count them if you want”. :=) (it’s over 59 minutes long)


Dec 18

Hats off to Bennett Santora and his juggling skills. He has found new juggle balls to accommodate his style of juggling and we are happy to announce he has chosen our Phat Tyre juggle balls for all of his performances. At only 9 years old we think that will be for a long, long time. Thanks Bennett for your support of the inventors here at Clipperville.

Bennett juggles Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls video:

Here are the specs to his Phat Tyre juggle balls:

Cover material: Synthetic suede (Machine washable)

Sew pattern: Flying Clippers’ original 32 panel

Diameter: 2.75″

Weight: 125 grams

Fill material: Recycled rubber

phatty_32_group_pouch (2)

Jun 22


Photos from World Juggling Day celebrations around the world:


Article from World Juggling Day:


This was the biggest and most successful World Juggling Day ever – with people in over 45 countries celebrating, the largest event of which was Japan – with over 700 celebrants.

And the winner is!

Atom Lam!!!

Atom Lam

May 14


Apr 3

Every so often…

We get a review that leaves our heads spinning!

Today is one of those days!!! Not only did we get a great customer review, but he was kind enough to submit his own videos too!

Here is the review, followed by videos:

Jim, it has been nice to have professional juggling equipment around the house!     Thanks for making these – they are a huge help and inspiration.


PS Heres a couple vids


Mar 12



Tossaball Plush Puppy, Flying Clipper’s new hand and feet juggle ball, is getting Rave Reviews.

Peter Irish, the master of juggling, is raving all about this:

 “The Flying Clipper Plush Puppies are by far the best juggling balls on the market for hands and feet juggling. This is the ball I have been searching for for years. Once I got a hold of them, I immediately retired my old balls, and began using these full time. The require virtually no break-in, are a great consistency for stalls and body catches, yet they retain their roundness and don’t “pancake”. These balls are undoubtedly the best resource for any juggler who wants to integrate the hands and feet together in their juggling. The colors are some of the brightest and most beautiful of any juggling balls I’ve ever seen, which is so important for performing. I have used these balls in several shows and dozens of performances and have been completely satisfied. As well as all this, they are FUN to juggle, and have a feel like no other ball. I am grateful to Flying Clipper (and amazed) for creating a ball that exceeds my expectations for exactly what I do. I completely recommend these balls for any type of juggling, and especially for my specialty of juggling with the hands and the feet at the same time. Huge thanks to Flying Clipper!”

Catch Peter Irish using the Tossaball Plush Puppy below!


Here is another great review from another satisfied customer:

“OK, these beanbags are waaay nicer than I thought they would be! I broke my 5 ball endurance the first day I got them because they are so easy to juggle. I like the size and fabric because my hands do not get tired from grabbing them like a ball. They settle gently into my hand and have a beautiful throw. I got 4 rotations of 5 ball mills for the first time with these just yesterday. I’m getting more!”

–Robert Wood


And a video made by one of our talented customers demonstrating the Tossaball Plush Puppy:



 Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

Feb 20

Flying Clipper has recently sent 24 juggle balls (11 Phat Tyre, 13 Phat Tyre Speeders) to Alex Barron of the UK. Alex is a world class numbers
juggler who has qualified 11 balls. Here is a link to a video of Alex juggling 11 balls:

Flying Clipper sought him out to test our new numbers juggling balls the Phat Tyre 12 and Phat Tyre Speeder. If you have not heard, Phat
Tyre juggle balls employ a unique blend of filler material consisting of recycled tire rubber and stainless steel pellets for filler material and are
not only 100% handmade but also machine washable.

Flying Clipper is obviously anxious to hear back from Alex and get his response and we will pass his feedback on to our fans when we receive

Our motto here is “When jugglers talk, Flying Clipper listens!”

Jan 6

The University of Victoria Juggling Club is hosting a weekend long event in January for people to come together and learn, share and display their wild, wonderful and sometimes wacky skills. This festival has 30 workshops and 2 juggling shows. Do you have your own talent already? Join in for the open mic Renegade show on Friday and show off your skillz! There is a special guest named Komei Aokifrom Japan. His fusion of dance and juggling together has set him apart from the others, and he has become an internationally acclaimed performance artist. He will be featured in the Gala show on the Saturday night at the Metro in downtown Victoria. Our show also features the best of Canadian born and bred West Coast talent.  See here for more details, including directions and performers.

Here is a schedule of events

Fri., Jan 18

4:00pm – 8:30pm Open juggling & workshops Central Middle School
9:00pm – 11:00pm Renegade show Central Middle School

Sat., Jan 19

10:00am – 6:00pm Open juggling & workshops Central Middle School
7:30pm – 9:00pm Public show (doors open at 7:00) Metro theatre

Sun., Jan 20

10:00am – 5:00pm Open juggling, workshops, games, & cleanup Central Middle School

Nov 15

Last year we sent 100 footbags to Rwanda to help teach kids how to play together cooperatively. This is the video we got back from our friends over there:


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