Sep 28

We love it when our awesome customers take the time to review our products! Here is a review of the all-new

Tossaball Phat Tyre 32 Juggle Ball!


Introducing Flying Clippers all new revolutionary concept in handmade juggle balls, the Tossaball Phat Tyre 32. Combining state of the art synthetic suede and our original 32 panel design, the new Phat Tyre 32 incorporates a unique blend of filler materials to form the most supple feel to a juggle ball that we have ever made.

best kept secret in juggling  best kept secret in juggling

This is going to be the first review of this product that i will submit i got a set of seven in the mail today about three his ago and wow as soon as i held one in my hand i was captivated the weight is perfect they manage to keep there shape very well the feel of them is UN like anything I’ve ever juggled before the ultra suede feels heavenly in your hand and when you squeeze them a fist full of marshmallows comes to mind.

I have juggled more variations of juggling balls than care to remember and this is the first one that feels like it was made to be juggled, this is as of right now the best juggling ball I’ve ever touched.

After a few hours of juggling with these i am very pleased when you drop one it doesn’t roll away from you, every time the ball lands in your hand it feels extremely stable.

On to of all of this i can fit all seven balls in one hand then violently shake my hand around with out one of them flying away.

There will be another review soon once i log some real practice time with them but right now i would ofbeen happy if these balls were selling@$20 a peice knowing that these are only $14 a peice blows my mind!

– Austin Carpenter

Sep 26

This is a customer review that was submitted to our website. We love it so much when we hear from our satisfied customers, so we’d like to share their great feedback with you as well! If you ever want to leave some feedback on a Flying Clipper product you purchased, feel free to do so using the “Submit A Review” link at the bottom of any product page on our website!


This Hybrid juggling ball will reflect the slightest amount of light to give the juggler that small added edge of visibility on those high throws in numbers juggling, which comes in handy, especially in low light or mixed light conditions.

2 thumbs + 2 toes up  2 thumbs + 2 toes up

I got 7 of these in March 2012 and work with them 6 days a week. They are great. The only other juggling balls that I’ve juggled with are by Mister Babache. Though those are good bean bags as well, these ones are on a whole different level.

I still cant get over how they maintain their shape and the way they feel in my hands. They are an absolute pleasure to juggle with. I have been working on foot stalls and elbow stalls and these bags make it so easy because of their dead drop.I am much better juggler thanks to these ones. 

I am from India and I wrote a million mails to Jim who was kind enough to promptly reply to each one them. It gave me a lot of confidence and made it very easy to buy these because of his commitment and experience in designing and making juggling balls. The only issue that I’ve faced is that one of the ball stared fading and giving off color(blue). Apart from this the remaining ones(6 red + 1 yellow) look brand new every time they come out of the drier. 

I am going to buy from Flying Clipper again and already have my eyes fixed on the 3 inch Plush Puppy!

Flying clipper ki jai ho!!! 
– Ganesh Nayak

Sep 11


Listening to the crickets and seeing the forest on this video is worth it by itself, not to mention the review of our Tossaball Hybrid 2.8″ Natural Grain Ultra Leather Ball.


And here’s another review of our brand new Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-panel Juggling Balls:


And while we’re at it here’s one more review of our Tossaball Plush Puppies. This was a prototype review but they are now for sale exclusively at!

Sep 5


Introducing Flying Clipper‘s brand new Plush Puppies! Hand and Feet Juggling is fast becoming one of the most popular alternative sports around and now is your chance to get a brand new juggling ball exclusively available through Flying Clipper!

Flying Clipper has brand new juggle balls in two styles! Check them out:


Introducing the all new Tossaball Plush Puppy juggle ball. We consider this one the ultimate beanbag type juggle ball. We use a high grade fleece fabric for that just right grip and feel, adding a combination of recycled plastic pellets (which were formerly a plastic milk jug)and stainless steel pellets for filler material to bring the ball up to just the right weight. These ball are as good for hands juggling as well as feet juggling including body catches and stalls. We picked the brain of our good friend Peter Irish to come up with this beauty. Don’t take our word for it. Here is what Peter Irish himself says about the new Plush Puppy juggle balls:
“The Flying Clipper Plush Puppies are by far the best juggling balls on the market for hands and feet juggling. This is the ball I have been searching for for years. Once I got a hold of them, I immediately retired my old balls, and began using these full time. They require virtually no break-in, are a great consistency for stalls and body catches, yet they retain their roundness and don’t “pancake”. These balls are undoubtedly the best resource for any juggler who wants to integrate the hands and feet together in their juggling. The colors are some of the brightest and most beautiful of any juggling balls I’ve ever seen, which is so important for performing. I have used these balls in several shows and dozens of performances and have been completely satisfied. As well as all this, they are FUN to juggle, and have a feel like no other ball. I am grateful to Flying Clipper (and amazed) for creating a ball that exceeds my expectations for exactly what I do. I completely recommend these balls for any type of juggling, and especially for my specialty of juggling with the hands and the feet at the same time. Huge thanks to Flying Clipper!” –Peter Irish

Weight: 120 grams
Diameter: 3″

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Introducing Flying Clippers all new revolutionary concept in handmade juggle balls, the Tossaball Phat Tyre 32. Combining state of the art synthetic suede and our original 32 panel design, the new Phat Tyre 32 incorporates a unique blend of filler materials to form the most supple feel to a juggle ball that we have ever made. Completely washable, we use ground up recycled tire rubber combined with stainless steel pellets to achieve this awesome juggle ball. Don’t take our word for it, click this link to see a video review of this incredible juggle ball.
Individual Balls Link:

Diameter: 2.75″
Weight: 120 grams

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Jul 23

Really amazing review of our brand new 32-panel Tossaball. This is a version of our Phat Tyre footbag turned into a juggle ball! And it’s made with recycled materials just like our Phat Tyre, amazing!

Jul 7

The Juggle Monk, Peter Irish is a unique juggler who combines hands and feet when he juggles. He is approaching eight balls juggling three on his feet while maintaining five in the hands. No one on the planet can do what Peter Irish can do. If you want to find out how he does it, you should consider attending this years’ International Jugglers’ Convention July 16- 22 in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  


Peter will be doing workshops teaching all who are interested in the fundamentals of hands and feet juggling. Being a long time friend of the Flying Clipper brothers, Peter has recently become involved in helping Flying Clipper design the perfect ball for hands and feet juggling. The ball that we came up with is the new Tossaball® Plush Puppy t.m.. Peter now uses them exclusively in all his performances. Flying Clipper and Peter will debut the new Plush Puppy  at the convention later this month.

Be sure to look for them at by the middle of this month. Hats off to Peter Irish for all of his help in the design of yet another amazing handmade juggle ball in the Tossaball®line-up.

Keep in touch because Flying Clipper will soon debut the all new innovative and unique Tossaball® Phat Tyre t.m. juggle ball which we believe will be the best all around juggle ball we have ever produced.

Jim Fitzgerald – Hybrid Designer

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