Jul 2

Pieter-jan Hoornaert of Roeselare, Belgium wins this years WJD photo contest and along the way he picks up some mighty fine prizes including juggle balls from Flying Clipper. We sent him 12 of our new Tossaball  2.8″ Ultra Soft juggle balls. These balls are in prototype stage and we will welcome Pieters’ feedback on how he likes his new Tossaballs. Thanks go out to the IJA and their staff for the greatest World Juggling Day thus far. Keep up the good work and Flying Clipper will be with you all the way.


Jun 24

Phat Tyre Pro 70 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 70 Juggle Balls

Product Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Submitter: Kenny Hensley

Headline: Greatest Product Ever!!!!

Review: I’ve been juggling and playing freestyle footbag at a Semi-Pro level for 5 years and this product is awesome, I can juggle theses bad boys with such ease it’s insane and they also make a pretty good Freestyle Footbag as well not to mention that you can wash them, it doesn’t get much better then that i definitely recommend this product to every one!!!

Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks Kenny we hope these juggle balls will compliment your style of footbag and juggling. Have fun and keep the feedback coming.

Jun 23


Flying Clipper recently awarded a five ball set of our Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls to Paola Levi Della Vida of Rome Italy for winning a pre-registration contest for the European Juggling Convention next month  in Ireland. After receiving his prize, we contacted him to see if he liked the balls. Here is his answer:

“Hello Jim!  I am enjoying  them so much! Hear in Rome the weather is great and juggling outdoors is the best! I love them and the red color too :) 
Thanks for your email!”

Thanks for the good word Paola and have fun at this years EJC.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Jun 18

Flying Clipper has teamed up with Bennett Santora to help spread the the joy of juggling and news about our fantastic Phat Tyre Pro juggle balls. Bennett received lots of media coverage via “Juggle This”, New York Cities Premier Juggling Festival and news about the festival went international. We are happy to announce Bennett is juggling with Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls in all of the coverage.

Turkish media link

Bryant Park Welcome show

Gettyimages (UK)

Flying Clipper and Bennett will also be teaming up for the upcoming IJA convention to send a few sets of Phat Tyre Pro juggle balls to new homes. This connection is fun for us and we are happy to participate. Thanks Bennett for all that you do.

Benntt Santora Juggles Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls at Juggle This!

Benntt Santora Juggles Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls at Juggle This!

Jun 17

Madskillz… Again Only Better!

Welcome to Madskillz Vancouver, a spectacular festival featuring a dazzling array of ground level circus and performing arts, June 26-30, 2014 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

This five day event consists of multiple shows with some of the must cutting edge artists in this field, evening Renegade shows and Glow Jams, and a diverse daytime workshop schedule for beginners to advanced artists.

The highlight of our festival is on Saturday evening, when featured local and international guests take to the stage at the Russian Hall for a night of incredible mind-blowing performances at our Gala Show.

Our goal is to help foster the circus and performing arts community on the West Coast. From vaudeville to street performance, prop manipulation to dance, we hope to create a space for the cross-pollination of arts and ideas to flourish.

Come join us for our fifth amazing year…again only better!!!

*Flying Clipper wishes to thank the Madskillz festival organizers for giving us the opportunity to participate. Someone will be enjoying new Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls that will be coming their way.

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Jun 7

The 6th Annual Boulder Juggling Festival June 18th-20th is just around the corner. Flying Clipper has teamed up once again this year to help the festival with a donation of juggle balls and to spread the word about our popular Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls. We appreciate the opportunity the Boulder festival offers us to promote juggling. Click a link for more info and have fun in Boulder.

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Jun 3


“The Phat Tyre Pro 90 are really very well made juggling balls. They are a very nice size and weight and it shows that Flying Clipper have put lots of effort into continually developing them and integrating feedback from the juggling community. I have already recommended them to a few jugglers and I’ll happily continue to do so.”

Ultan Sharkey ~ Ireland


Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

May 31

Review: I am new to juggling. I started learning with the “klutz” balls, and made a few balls of my own with balloons and bird seed, but nothing compares to my 2.45 juggle balls. As soon as held the balls in my hand, I knew they were a quality product. the craftsmanship is evident. My juggling is already improving. My wife and coworkers are tired of hearing me talk about my balls and how great they are. It’s hard to keep my hands off these balls, and everybody wants to play with them. They throw better and catch better tha n anything I’ve tried so far. I would recommend these balls to anybody who needs balls.

*Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks for the great review Mike

Tossaball Ultra Soft Juggle Balls

Tossaball Ultra Soft Juggle Balls

May 30

Bill Coad does it again adding a new world record for 10 ball quadplex juggling with 204 catches using our Phat Tyre  RECYCLED rubber filled juggle balls. He continues to amaze with his ability to keep pushing the boundaries further and further for multiplex juggling. Thanks Bill and keep those records coming!

Phat Tyre Juggle Ball

Phat Tyre Juggle Ball

May 27


Come join the fun at this years’ Flatland juggling Festival scheduled for May 30th to June 1st. As regional juggling festivals gain in popularity, we here at Flying Clipper appreciate the opportunity to turn the juggling community on to our ever popular Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls. Click a link to get more information about the festival and hats off to the organizers of this festival for their efforts. A five ball set of Phat Tyre juggle balls are on their way!

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

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