Aug 7

This years two biggest juggle events in the world were held back to back starting with the European Juggling Convention and culminating with the IJA festival giving jugglers two solid weeks of juggling fun. While Flying Clipper did not attend, we did enjoy having some of our friends give away a total of 67 Phat Tyre juggle balls. Our thanks go out to Steve Mills and Ultan Sharkey for their help at EJC as well as Bennett Santora, Bill Coad and Jonah Botnivic-Greenhouse for their help at IJA and for putting smiles on the faces of quite a few jugglers.

The word about the uniqueness of our Phat Tyre juggle balls is spreading due to grassroots efforts on the part of our friends and we thank them for their support. Keep doing what you do, and we will keep doing what we do…that is producing the best handmade juggle balls on the planet! Juggle on friends.

EJC 2014 Millstreet Ireland

EJC 2014 Millstreet Ireland

IJA2014 Colage

IJA2014 Colage

Jun 23


Flying Clipper recently awarded a five ball set of our Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls to Paola Levi Della Vida of Rome Italy for winning a pre-registration contest for the European Juggling Convention next month  in Ireland. After receiving his prize, we contacted him to see if he liked the balls. Here is his answer:

“Hello Jim!  I am enjoying  them so much! Hear in Rome the weather is great and juggling outdoors is the best! I love them and the red color too :) 
Thanks for your email!”

Thanks for the good word Paola and have fun at this years EJC.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Jan 16

We like reposting the IFPA announcements for our fans who digest through Facebook and Twitter and don’t get a chance to get all the updates they send out via email.

We figure the more the merrier when it comes to spreading the word on footbag events around the world, so today we’re adding a new category to our blog for European Events. We’ll likely be adding more categories for other regions as other events come up as well, such as in South America where Flying Clipper is sponsoring footbag development similar to our work in Africa.

Now, for the event details!

Paris 8-10 February 2013

The Open de France de Footbag will be held once again in Paris. This IFPA
sanctioned event is the biggest winter indoor footbag competition in the World.
Last time, over 100 players and aficionados from all over the world came
to Paris.

Pre-registration is open on the event page on Footbag Worldwide at
Please register NOW.

The registration fee is 40 Euros, which includes access to all gyms, free
breakfast on all tournament days and pasta/rice salads at lunch time.
Please note that a 10 Euros extra fee will be charged on all players who do
not pre-register online on

The 13e ODF will be again one of the top footbag events this winter season.
Defending Champion Milan Benda (CZE) and Shred:30 World Champion Aleksi
Airinen (FIN) plus other top freestylers from Europe have already confirmed
their attendance. Open Singles Net Champion Karim Daouk (SWI) will be
there to defend his title against a whole bunch of international challengers.
Don’t miss your chance to be part of the show !