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Footbag in the Media in Chile
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Footbag has had some publicity in the media this week. Firstly, an English class with Chile’s top athletes was televised on two sports news programs (Vive Deportes and CDO), while Diario del Futbol ran a profile about Footbag.

Daniel Boyle plays footbag in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Photo: Francisca Borquez

In a football obsessed continent, the Diario del Futbol looks to promote both smaller competitions and clubs, as well as sports that are associated with football.

Appearing in this publication is a great chance to get some further publicity for the sport. The link to the interview is in Spanish, but you can find some more information about the Footbag and English programs, which Flying Clipper has donated 100 footbags toward, in an article at English language publication I Love Chile.

The video below shows a different angle on sports and education, with footbag on display outside of the controversial Universidad del Mar. The university has been closed down by the Chilean government after a long running corruption case.

Students have taken matters into their own hands, taking over the university. Protests for education in Chile have made headlines over the past years and with an election coming up in 2013, the students will be sure to return to the streets this year.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNB5er_m6Bk]

For more information on Footbag in Chile, visit the Footbag Chile website.

Dec 10

What A Review!

As we’ve said in the paste, we LOVE hearing from our AMAZING CUSTOMERS! You guys and ladies out there are seriously so cool!

Sometimes we get really cool responses from the fans out there, and today is one of them. Max is one of our long-time customers and he’s done a few reviews on our products as well as our competitors products. We always love to see our balls run the gambit with our meticulous customers, especially those that juggle professionally and use our balls in shows and other events!

Max is back with another great review, this time of Flying Clipper and his years of experience with our company. Here it is:

I’ve got a few reviews already posted on the site for some of the Tossaballs so I’m probably just going to make this a general review of Flying Clipper as a whole. I’ve also made a video review for the 32-Panel Phat Tyre Tossaballs  that is already hosted on Flying Clipper’s Blog: (http://www.flyingclipper.com/blog/index.php/customer-review-of-the-brand-new-32-panel-tossaball/) Like I said, this is just going to be a basic overview/review of the company as a whole with a few specific product mentions added in for good measure.

I’ve been a juggler for about 10 years now. After my first non-learner set of beanbags (millet -filled thuds) became so dilapidated and worthless after less than a year of use I vowed to never use beanbags again. I switched to stage balls and filled stage balls for the first 5 years or so of juggling. One day I was roaming around the internet looking for some new props and new places to purchase props. After following a few links I stumbled upon a website that was completely new to me, www.FlyingClipper.com. FlyingClipper.com immediately caught my eye because the site as a whole has a nice clean look to it; it’s well laid out, easy to navigate and there are a ton of different products.

The only reason I continued to browse after noticing all the beanbags was because they all had mention of some “Hybrid Technology”. I’ll be honest , I was skeptical at first, but after reading more about it on the well put together FAQ area I was intrigued. Not only did the props avoid using millet, but they took it one step further by adding two types of filler to one ball. Twelve panel beanbags with each panel being a pillow filled with crushed quartz all wrapped around plastic pellets to help fill the void. It sounded like an amazing idea to me. Not only did it help to create balls that had even weight and mass, but they would not break down any. I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to buy myself a set. I clicked around and decided on a set of Ultrasuede 2.8″ 130gram Tossaball Hybrids.

I was still slightly skeptical of the Hybrid Technology when my new props arrived. I followed the instructions that came with them and threw them into the washing machine, cold wash/cold rinse/no soap. This was a very impressive new thing to me, washable juggle balls?!?! When the wash had finished and the balls had finally air dried overnight I was thrilled to finally begin using them! I immediately noticed the quality craftsmanship, the stitching was evenly spaced and solid. No gaps between stitches to allow filler to fall out. The Ultrasuede material was clearly the highest quality available. I started throwing them into the air, my 5-ball cascade immediately felt more solid than ever.

Not only did they have a completely dead drop unlike any of my filled stage balls they also had no wobble in the air no matter how much spin I added to them. Five years later, 25 or 30 machine washings, countless drops from 7’s and above and those Ultrasuede Tossaballs are still in prime condition and feel exactly the same as they did during that first 5-ball cascade. That to me is what a juggling prop should be! I shouldn’t have to replace my props every year because they’ve become so soft and wobbly in the air. I shouldn’t have to worry about getting my props dirty for fear of not being able to clean them. I should be able to use a prop for ten’s of years and have it feel just as good as it did on day one.

“That is what Flying Clipper is all about. They’ve created a line of top quality and innovative juggling props with enough variety to meet anyone’s needs.”

Since that first set, I’ve tried quite a few of the Tossaballs from Flying Clipper. Recently, I purchased myself a set of the 32-Panel Phat Tyre Tossaballs. These caught my eye because they combined two of my favorite things. Juggling, and helping the environment. Rather than be filled with sand and plastic pellets like many of their other products, Flying Clipper went above and beyond to create a juggling ball unlike any other on the market. These balls are filled to the perfect volume with ground up, recycled car tires. That heavy duty rubber that you’ve been driving on for years is now the filler for an incredible piece of juggle-able art. They use a few stainless steel pellets to help keep the weight of each prop consistent as well as make sure that the mass of each feels the same. Because none of the filler is organic these props are, like everything else from Flying Clipper, completely machine washable. Since getting these they’ve become my main props for any kind of juggling. They’re slightly underfilled so drops and catches are completely dead; they stop right where they land. Definitely an A+ prop in my book.

Not only has Flying Clipper created an amazing line of juggling props and footbags but they’ve also dedicated themselves to expert customer service. After placing an order you get a confirmation email with details of your order. A little later you receive an email letting you know that the order has shipped. I’m on the east coast and I’ve never waited more than a week for my props, and that wait was only because the color I wanted was out of stock at the time. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing online go ahead and contact them. Emails are usually answered the day of or early next day and if need be you can give them a call to help sort out shipping issues or with any questions about your props.

Flying Clipper has become my go to website for new juggling balls or just window shopping. I’ve never had an issue with them and I’m certain that if something did go wrong they would do everything in their power to correct it as soon as they could. They value their customers and they value quality, both in their props and their service. I don’t think you can have a bad experience with them even if you wanted to. Well done www.FlyingClipper.com; you’ve earned my business and respect for life.



Oct 11

We were going through some old emails and found this amazing review one of our avid customers made a few years back. We haven’t changed our hybrid Tossaballs a bit since those days and we’re proud to say this review is still valid today as it ever was :)

Over the past couple of months I have had the privilege of testing and juggling of Flying Clipper’s
Tossaballs. The specific model I was using was their Hybrid 2.55” inch Orange Balls.

Flying Clipper can be found here: http://www.flyingclipper.com/

The specific ball I was using: http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/page_752_87/tossaball_hybrid_2.55_tx_juggle_ball.html

I figure that rather than giving a typical review, I would present this as only I can, as a Behind the Juggler
interview with Jim Fitzgerald, President of Flying Clipper. So, “Behind the Juggler” proudly presents:

Behind the Balls: An Interview with Flying Clipper

Interviewer: It seems that Flying Clipper has a huge focus on footbagging, and understandably so from reading through your “About Us” and FAQ sections. When did the company start moving towards incorporating Juggling Bags as well?

Jim Fitzgerald: We have been making juggle balls since the very beginning. All if our footbag designs were enlarged to make juggle balls. As you have read, we (the partners) followed the footbag sport and competed at the world championship level but we have also been jugglers for fun. Most footbaggers juggle. Check out Peter Irish. He is doing the kind of movement that footbaggers have dreamed about for years. Using hands and feet together is what is fueling our latest line of products, the Hybrids.

Interviewer: How many workers does the company employ for the actual assembly of the bags?

Jim Fitzgerald:Right now about 20 people, the partners being retired from production sewing for a few years now, sewing more than 100,000 footbags and 50,000 juggle balls between them.

Interviewer: Obviously your bags have a high number of panels in comparison with other Juggling props on the market, what advantages do you see the extra panels give your bags?

Jim Fitzgerald:We have made juggle balls from four panel construction to sixty two panel construction. The roundest pattern we have found is the pentagonal dodecca hedron.. We also are designing a rhomboidal dodecca hedron for a near future release.

Interviewer: How do you find the process of designing and making juggling bags compares to footbags?

Jim Fitzgerald:Designing is the fun part, coming up with new ideas to make a better “mouse trap”. All of our products are hand made and therefore labor intensive. Juggle balls are as easy or difficult to design as footbags, but of course the parameters for each are different.

Interviewer: Explain about your concept of “hybrid” juggling balls, what makes them “hybrid”?

Jim Fitzgerald:Hybrids are our attempt to “crossover” as it were, and bridge the gap between hands and feet. Also hybrid juggle balls/footbags are an attempt to add heavy and light filler on the interior of the ball in an innovative way. The concept isolates heavy filler on the outside rim of the ball while light filler material on the interior gives the ball volume. Heavy filler material is trapped between two layers of fabric leaving most of the balls weight on the outside of the rim. The physics of such a design, we believe,gives the ball several advantages over all other hand made balls.

1. true flight
2. double durability (two layers of material)
3. rolls like a contact juggle ball
4. easy to stall
5. complete washability
6. keeps its shape

Interviewer: In my experience a lot of bags are filled with millet or a similar material, what fillings do the Tossaballs® use?

Footbags are filled with plastic pellets or sand. Our juggle balls traditionally have been filled with millet (seed) or plastic pellets. Millet never has set well with us because organic material breaks down, especially if it gets wet and also some people are allergic to millet, etc.. On the other hand plastic pellets usually do not give the juggle ball enough weight. Adding crushed rock adds enough weight to make a superior juggle ball.

Interviewer: Where did the name “Flying Clipper” originate?

Jim Fitzgerald: Our home town of Eugene, Oregon is the birth place of footbag freestyle. As far as anyone knows, the first footbag trick ever done was the flying clipper and that is how we took our name.

Interviewer: Tossaballs®”?

Jim Fitzgerald: Tossaball® is our registered trade name for our line of juggle balls and they are very “Tossable”. We considered other names but felt Tossaball® was the most playful.

Interviewer: I know your products have a lot of history behind them, so tell us about the history as well as awards and competitions that your products have won.

Jim Fitzgerald: As far as competitions or awards for our products, I cannot say, however we have been producing footbags and juggle balls for more than 26 years now. Approximately 20 years ago an article was sent to us that showed the results of several different manufacturers’ juggle balls being dropped from a ten
story building onto the street in Chicago. Ours was stated as the only one that survived the impact. We build our products to last. Rhys Thomas of the Portland (Oregon) jugglers has Flying Clipper juggle balls he has juggled that are more than 15 years old and are still going strong. Many pro jugglers and footbaggers come to our products because of our quality standards and our commitment to service. I guess that is more of a reward than an award but it keeps us going.

End of Interview

Needless to say, Flying Clipper creates incredibly durable and well made balls.

I might as well tell a little about my personal juggling ability so that anyone reading this can know where my opinions are originating. Juggling wise, I can juggle 7 balls, but I spend the vast majority of my time working on 3-5. I am particularly proud of some of my three ball work, but find no pattern more relaxing then a 5 ball cascade. As many jugglers know, the bulk of my time contributing to the juggling world is spent working on the Synergy Projects, as well as with my Behind the Juggler interviews.

As far as balls go, I have juggled my fair share since I started juggling. Originally I used “klutz” bags, and then moved on to lacrosse balls. I can most likely attribute the cleanness of my 5 ball pattern to the use of lacrosse balls and their tendency to fly away if even the slightest collision is made. After that I started
to make my own which was quite an experience unto itself. I made everything from 4 -8 paneled bags, though they were hardly ever spherical. I currently am using 6 panel fergie-like bags.

These hybrid Tossaballs are certainly bags that I could not even dream of making on my own. The intricate design patterns detailed above are simply a wonder to behold. Flying Clipper creates a bag that no other juggling company can, because they have the knowledge of footbaggers. I have had the privilege of watching Peter Irish perform and there is nothing quite like the kind of manipulation that footbaggers can accomplish when mixing juggling and footbagging. That is  exactly the idea that Flying Clipper is attempting to capture with their hybrid products. It is the fusion of footbags and juggling bags.

I personally do not footbag, and I so I bring a different perspective. I did wonder at first how these neon orange bags were going to hold up and handle. The first thing that of course deserves note is the fantastic color. I really needed something that would show up against both sky and gym, and these balls definitely do the trick. Of course the shape is another aspect that cannot be understated. The 12 panel hybrid design creates a near perfect sphere. Thanks to the unique “hybrid” design, they do not lose their shape or “sag” while they are in the air. At the same time they are able to come to a stop after being dropped without rolling away. They accomplish this much better than my set of MMX balls.

An understandable worry regarding any set of bags is how they will break in over time. Tossaballs not only break in to a comfortable and relaxing feel, but they do not lose their shape. No doubt due to their “hybrid” design and mixed filling, the bags consistently keep their roundness. In fact one comment I got about these bags were that the person thought they were oranges. In this case that is a definite compliment to Flying Clipper for creating great looking bags. [Trust me, I know about citrus comments because my personally handmade yellow bags were once called “lemons” and that’s how I know I did a bad job sewing them]

In terms of normal wear and tear, I would say that these bags hold up equally if not better than most that I have juggled. Simple soap and water will clean up scuffs and marks. Cleaning also brings back a bit of the luster of the color which understandably will begin to fade over time.

At first I only used these bags for my 4 + work because I did not like the feel that they had with my 3 ball patterns. Over time as they began to break in, I found them a solid substitute for some of my lower patterns. These balls have a unique property in that they almost seem to “float” through the air. Physics tells me that this isn’t the case, but be that as it may I still feel as though they have a great ability to hang. For this reason I really enjoy using these bags for my juggling with more than three objects. They really give patterns a great solid look and feel that cannot be found in “saggy” or “rock hard” bags.

Tossaballs look great, feel great, and juggle great; I have no qualms about slapping my seal of approval on these bags!

-David Stephens

Oct 11

Derrick Fogle is a member of the Footbag Hall of Fame and a very good friend and former competitor with Jim Fitzgerald, or Toes, the President of Flying Clipper ! We chat with him a bit back and forth with our Twitter accounts and his  @h4x354x0r Twitter account as well. We feel like he’s a real pal :)

Recently Derrick got an inspired idea to run a series of posts called The Footbag Gospel. You can catch  most of the action over at his personal blog , but he’s decided to write a guest post just for our blog here at Flying Clipper. Thanks Derrick!



Today, something new related to footbag happened. That’s a bit unusual, considering I’ve been playing and promoting for over 30 years, and I’ve experienced just about everything by now.

But today, something new happened. Since joining Twitter, I’ve used it as a ‘gerilla’ marketing tool. First, I just tweeted out sessions and links to blogs and videos. Then, I started searching Twitter after each session, retweeting, favoriting, and replying to everyone’s tweets about the old, shirtless Hack Man (me!) in Speakers Circle. Last fall, I was excited to get 6 new followers in a week.

This week, I’ve snagged about 50 followers; almost all students. Since the start of semester, the interaction I’ve gotten there has been incredible. I’ve been catapulted well over the 1,000 follower mark.

But more importantly, I finally “connected” in a way that has expanded my vision. I’m following enough students now, that my twitter stream almost always has a couple tweets from local students on the screen. The majority, just bitching about school (including sometimes valid criticism), but… almost always funny. This entire school has a PhD in sarcasm. I love it!

For the first time today, I read enough tweets from students that I got a glimpse, a feel, an real understanding, of what the day was like out there for them. It was really cool, and I even got a couple chances to engage. I always try to tweet back some encouragement when I see a student mention an upcoming test.

So yes, today, once again, something new and cool happened, because I took a lifetime of footbag, shook with a bag full of Twitter, and baked in a campus full of students. Turns out to be a delicious recipe!


Sep 30

Peter Irish is one of our biggest heroes here at Flying Clipper. He’s a great guy that is always working to advance his skills and push the sports of juggling and footbag to the limits!

Lately he’s been pioneering the new art and skill of Hands and Feet Juggling, and he’s getting quite good! This new sport is gaining traction fast in the juggling and footbag community, creating a new merging of two sports we have always served dutifully here at Flying Clipper! Hand and Feet Juggling is one step closer to being the next big thing with our brand new Plush Puppies and the revolutionary Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggle Balls exclusively sold by Flying Clipper.

Check out this video if you’re not familiar with the name: Peter Irish – Juggling Monk (Promo Vid 2007) (by Flipside Productions)

He can even juggle footbags with his feet!!!


When we sent a few of our newest product over to Peter and asked him what he thinks about them, this is what he had to say!

“The Flying Clipper Plush Puppies are by far the best juggling balls on the market for hands and feet juggling. This is the ball I have been searching for for years. Once I got a hold of them, I immediately retired my old balls, and began using these full time.

“This is the ball I have been searching for for years”

They require virtually no break-in and are a great consistency for stalls and body catches yet they retain their roundness and don’t “pancake”. These balls are undoubtedly the best resource for any juggler who wants to integrate the hands and feet together in their juggling. The colors are some of the brightest and most beautiful of any juggling balls I’ve ever seen, which is so important for performing. I have used these balls in several shows and dozens of performances and have been completely satisfied.

As well as all this, they are FUN to juggle, and have a feel like no other ball. I am grateful to Flying Clipper (and amazed) for creating a ball that exceeds my expectations for exactly what I do. I completely recommend these balls for any type of juggling, and especially for my specialty of juggling with the hands and the feet at the same time. Huge thanks to Flying Clipper!”


Thanks for the kind words Peter, and we’re so glad you love the new Plush Puppies!!

You can learn more about Peter Irish and his amazing juggling skills by using the following link:



Aug 31

This just came through our email feed and we thought we’d share it. This is an official announcement copied from the IFPA Emailing List. We don’t claim to hold this as original content, just sharing it for the benefit of the footbag community at large :)


On behalf of the International Footbag Players’ Association, I’d like to announce that we collect bids for hosting World Footbag Championships in 2013 and in 2014.

If you are interested in organizing such an event in your city, please contact the Worlds Operating Committee at <woc@ifpa.footbag.org>.

WOC is an IFPA body, responsible for running Worlds every year.

The host club plays the role of a Tournament Producer, working to secure venues and local arrangements, while WOC controls the sport aspect of the tournament (scheduling, judging, results, etc.).

The deadline for bids for 2013 is on October 1st, 2012 (just over one month from today).

Once all bids are received, WOC will choose the best possible option.

Please understand that evaluating bids Worlds is a very time-consuming process, involving frequent back-and-forth discussions between WOC and the bidding parties, and is thus very intensive for all involved. For that reason, we ask that you only plan to bid if you are serious and have a compelling proposal.

The application itself is an interactive process, so please start by letting us know that you want to bid, and we will take it from there.

Please feel free to ask me about any details, or just e-mail WOC directly to continue the discussion. Please do not reply directly to this post, please create a new thread in your e-mail with a descriptive subject line that includes the proposed host city in the title. This will help me the rest of the volunteers on WOC keep all the discussions clear.

Best Regards,

Wiktor Debski
IFPA Executive Director
For the IFPA World Championships Operating Committee

Jun 28

This just came in from the Footbag.org Announcement E-Mail List, via Tim Vozar.


“Dear footbag players, family, and fans,

The Footbag Hall of Fame Historical Society (http://www.footbag.org/hof) is
pleased to announce that voting has concluded for this year’s nominees, and
we have the results (below)!

Please join us in congratulating the following five individuals who have all
demonstrated the highest dedication of their lives to the sport of Footbag
and are worthy of their place in the Footbag Hall of Fame (in no particular

1)      Kendall Kic – Portland OR (USA)

Kendall started playing footbag in the late 80s, and took over as the chief
promoter/director of footbag in Oregon in the early 90s (no small feat when
you consider the history here). Kendall organized 2-3 footbag tournaments
per year for the entire decade, some of the best freestyle and net
tournaments ever in both quality and hospitality. It culminated in Kendall’s
crowning achievement, the legendary 1997 World Championships (widely
considered one of the best and most successful ever), which really marked
one of the peaks of the popularity of footbag in the entire US. Kendall also
got footbag included in the Oregon State Games, making Oregon the first US
state to recognize footbag in this way. She’s been involved in the business
and manufacturing side of the game. Kendall continues to be involved every
year with the US Open in her unique smiling and uplifting manner. Kendall
has organized dozens of tournaments over the last 20 years. Kendall embodies
the Spirit of Footbag.  As a female competitor and amazing organizer she has
contributed immensely to the image and prestige of our sport.  She is World
Class all around and on so many levels.  Kendall is a role model for all
footbag players but especially to the women in our sport and the generations
that will come after all of us. Kendall is the glue that held together the
Sole Purpose club. Kendall took on the challenge that few people do and have
spent timeless hours and energy over the years running events that have
created footbag history.

2)      Paul Vorvick – Tigard OR (USA)

Paul Vorvick is one of the greatest spirits of the game. period. In 1977 he
saw his first footbag play while attending OSU. Immediately he joined the
NHSA, forerunner to the WFA, then IFPA.   Since those beginnings  of the
sport, he has been a Champion of Footbag. The unquestioned leader , now, of
the longest running Footbag tournament, since 1980, The Beaver Open.  His
enthusiasm for the game and sport has led him to play all the footbag games,
including going for Guiness world records.  He is a teacher of the game and
sport. A partner in passing on the sheer enjoyment of the game, freestyle,
net, 4 square, or ….. GLOW GOLF !  Yes, with his tape of Dark Side of The
Moon, by Pink Floyd, no one has done more to inspire the glow golf games at
the Beaver Open, or elsewhere around the world.!!     He has inspired so
many others.  Many that have gone on to championships, and records. Paul
Vorvick is an energy circle unto himself !!!   But, shared with all others,
willingly.  The main criteria for the Footbag Hall of Fame is to recognize
those that have demonstrated leadership in the sport, and for the sport.
past to present, worldwide. Paul never sought out to be a world champion,
yet in so many ways, he is more than that.  He is an Ambassador of Footbag.
For many years now he has worked hard to continue to grow as a player, to
bring new players in to the sport and to promote footbag in the NW. His
invaluable creativity, hard work and coordination skills have been a great
asset to the Beaver Open. Starting as an attendee, Paul consistently brought
such great ideas and energy forward until it just seemed right that he be
recognized as a Beaver Open staff member. Later, as previous Beaver Open
directors wanted lesser roles, Paul stepped in and assumed a major part of
the coordination of this event, where he also fully participates- not
letting the work of putting on this event interfere with his play. John
Stallberger says, ‘It is due time to have Paul as part of the Footbag HoF.
Not only does he deserve the honor but it is way over due! Paul truly does
exhibit the spirit of a champion footbag player and ambassador. No one
deserves this more than Paul’.

3)      P.T. Lovern – Oakland CA (USA)

PT Lovern started playing competitive footbag sometime around 1994. From the
very beginning, he brought a new attitude on training and work ethic unseen
by anyone prior to him. His hard work was contagious: he motivated dozens of
college students at Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois
University, and all over the state as well. He brought that same passion to
the Bay Area in the late 90’s, revitalizing a net scene on the brink of
obscurity. He has won countless tournaments over the years, including
multiple World Titles. As an educator, he has taught footbag in Middle
School programs for over a decade, introducing the game to thousands of
students. His club hosts the largest North American non-Worlds net
tournament every year, the prestigious Green Cup. He has dedicated much of
his life to promoting the sport, and there are few that can compare their
on-court record to his. PT is one of the few that made his mark in every
aspects of the sport. First by his uber skillz , still one the best net
player and then for his leadership with getting people to kick, organizing,
promoting. There’s no aspect where this guy didn’t excel.

4)      James Harley – Columbia SC (USA)

James “The Legend” Harley is an east coast footbag legend.  At a time when
the east coast was at a historical high point, it was discovered that James
Harley was running his own footbag league, with it’s own rules, tournaments,
and Belts, in the Carolinas.  He tirelessly promoted footbag in his region,
and eventually joined the east coast footbag scene to be one of the power
houses of footbag net.  James more than deserves a spot in the sport’s hall
of fame. Of note is his record in doubles net at Southern regionals, where
he won the title 8 times with 7 different partners (including 5 in a row
1996 – 2000). All in all he had 35 net titles. He also helped organizers of
the Texas States for years (and some Southern Regionals), hosted 2 Carolina
Classics, and served on the IFPA board for over 10 years. James also served
on the footbag net seeding committee for Worlds a couple times, compiling
stats and records more completely than ever before (or since). James was
active in WFA play from 1993 to 2010. His last titles were ’09 Texas States
doubles and ’10 Funtastik doubles masters division. Jame’s Ph.D.
dissertation on freestyle as performance is probably the most complete (and
only) history of freestyle up to its time (2001), documenting the
development of the aesthetic aspects of the sport. James has given countless
hours to training other players, organizing, running events, and providing
his scholarly input to both Freestyle and Net.  He definitely contributed to
bringing new life to Footbag in Austin and Texas but to our entire sport.
Many of you know that he wrote his PhD thesis on Footbag and for those that
don’t, I think it’s an important contribution.

5)      Jukka Peltola – Helsinki (Finland)

Jukka started playing footbag in 1994 and is one of the founding members of
Finnish Footbag Association back in 1995. He has been the driving force in
finnish footbag scene ever since. He has won numerous medals in Finnish
Footbag Championships, attended over 10 worlds and many european
championsips since 1996. Jukka helped show case footbag on Finnish TV. He
was the main organizer in worlds 2005 and 2011, which we think, have been
one of the best organized tournaments ever. He has also organized and
co-organized a lot of tournaments, shows and work shops in Finland in the
past 17 years and has constantly been pushing footbag forward as a sport in
Finland and in the world. He is a very social guy and well known and liked
throughout the footbag world. He probably still owns the best defense in
footbag net. Besides his obvious talent in net court he is also well known
by his funny jokes and crazy party skills and you never had a boring night
when partying with Jukka in worlds or elsewhere. Now being a little older
and (perhaps) wiser he has found a new passion and drive trough healthier
food and lifestyle so expect him to be a top contender in Poland and in
other tournaments this summer. Jukka is probably the funniest and certainly
one of the most creative people you could ever meet, and considering the
under estimable amount of personal effort he put in to the 2005 Worlds
tournament, it was. humbling to see that he was willing to do it all over
again last year. But this time, of course, a generation of younger players,
inspired by his example, where already there to help. And just for the
record, there’s more to this guy on the court than just defense.

Our thanks and congratulations to these individuals for their contributions
to the growth of the sport of footbag. Please feel free to congratulate them
yourselves — you’ll find their e-mail and other contact information on
their player profile pages at the corresponding links above.

The ceremonies for these 2012 Hall of Fame members will be announced soon on
our Hall of Fame page via http://www.footbag.org/hof

For those inductees who cannot attend any of the 2012 ceremonies, we will
celebrate your induction in your absence.

Thanks to the footbag community for your continued enthusiastic support of
the Hall of Fames by participating so actively in the nominations process
this year.

Congratulations once again to the new inductees!

Tim Vozar, Chairman
Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations Committee


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