Jul 23

The Homeless World Cup is a long running street soccer program that gives excluded people the chance to re-enter society through confidence gained through becoming part of a community playing sport.

Santiago’s Plaza de Armas recently hosted the final stage of Chile’s National Street Soccer Tour. The tour has been helping select players to represent Chile at the 2013 Homeless World Cup in Poland, as well as promote the fact that Chile is hosting the 2014 event.

Chile’s men’s team won the Homeless World Cup in Mexico in 2012 and will look to defend their title this year in Poland.

Daniel Boyle was on the scene, helping Englishman Kyle Waller with his film project, called The Homeless Goal. The documentary project is based on the Homeless World Cup and plans to detail the whole process of the tournament.

With football tennis, foosball and some other activities going on outside the matches, it was a great chance to present footbag. Some children from the Lo Barnechea team even recognized Daniel from a previous demonstration at the Feria de Futbol.

Holding up a mobile phone video, they asked – “is this you?”. After replying in the affirmative, there was no choice but to give a show. This attracted a good crowd, with many of the children able to stall or perform around the worlds and legovers.

Children try footbag with Flying Clipper bags at the Futbol Calle tour. Photo: Daniel Boyle

Daniel Boyle takes flight. Photo: Kyle Waller


The Homeless World Cup is a huge event, with the national events for each country taking place at major landmarks. The United States recently held their event in Times Square. These type of events are a great chance for footbag players to go and demonstrate the sport in front of large audiences, whether arranged by the organizers or not.

Jul 9

An appearance to promote the second Feria de Futbol allowed Daniel Boyle to show his footbag skills on Chile’s Show de Goles. The cable TV program is a football talk show. Daniel appeared with event organizer José Luis Fernández in order to promote the feria.

[youtube http://youtu.be/pPkNka6_0Yg]



The feria de futbol is an expo bringing together various styles of football activities, with players, coaches and referees onsite, as well as freestyle demonstrations and many other activities.

The TV performance, as well as later appearances on morning programs Bienvendos and Mucho Gusto were completed using the Phat Tyre Pro bags, part of a donation that Flying Clipper sent to Chile to help grow the sport as well as footbag education programs in South America.

It is hoped that footbag can take an even bigger role in next year’s event, with a huge potential for extra activities on competitions throughout the three day event.

Daniel performed a number of demonstrations with the Adidas/Ataka team. Plans are underway for a combined freestyle football and footbag competition in September.

May 28

Flying Clipper is happy to be a part of footbag history.

We pioneered so many styles of footbag along the years here at Flying Clipper. We think this new project by John Stalberger on Kickstarter is fantastic because the history of footbag is so rich with so many stories of good friends.

We’re happy to be a part of that history and happy to support this Kickstarter campaign to see the release of the book about the history of Footbag aka Hacky Sack. The book is called “Hack the Sack.” It will be once it gets funded that is! Go check it out now and help out!

And as a part of telling that story, John is talking on Sunday’s about the history of the sport of footbag on Blog Talk Radio. This is a great service and we’re so stoked to see John telling his stories in a way that you can listen in anytime you like for years to come.

The History of the Footbag Sport

Play this show in your own music player.


All this leads up to the Kickstarter campaign! There is a limited time left to get this book funded! Get a custom footbag limited only to project backers at the $30 level, as well as the book of course! You can also get a signed footbag and book for $70! Many other reward levels available, even for $5, go check it out!


May 27

Here we have the two latest recipients of the Dirtbag Footbags which are being used to help with education programs in Chile.

Chile Emerson Jefferson Chile kids


The two children are named Emerson and Jefferson. They stop by the plaza in the Torres de Tajamar every now and then. Their father works in one of the buildings, so at times they come out and play. This weekend they decided to swap the football for the footbag.

Emerson showed some great control, particularly considering he is only seven years old. The younger Jefferson, who is only four, was able to kick the bag, but had a lot more fun balancing the bag on his head.

Despite their young age, both children showed a great attitude towards the sport and were improving within a short time.

The video below shows Daniel Boyle showing a few tricks to his new followers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyhPRf66pb4]

May 14


May 9

A recent footbag session in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas turned into more of a cultural experience, with a live band joining in the fun.

The band played while Daniel Boyle gave a footbag demonstration for some interested onlookers. You can see the video below of the show. Daniel used a Phat Tyre bag.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXHBr8AiXGQ]


Despite never having met, everyone involved was able to put on a great show for the passers by in Santiago’s downtown area. Daniel managed all most three minutes before dropping the bag.

Daniel Boyle was joined by a live band in Santiago.

Daniel Boyle was joined by a live band in Santiago.

Thanks to the donated bags from Flying Clipper, the sport is gaining traction in Chile, with a demonstration at the recent Milk Cup qualifiers in Colina and meetings with various charities in order to use footbag as a tool for personal development in poor communities, as well as the ongoing footbag and English classes.

Aside from these developments, some of Chile’s best freestyle football players have also taken to footbag. While Vasek, Honza and others have led the way with the transition from footbag to freestyle football, there are fewer cases of others coming into the sport of footbag.

Apr 26

Diego Rivarola at Danone Nations Cup
In his role as ambassador for the Danone Nations Cup under 12 soccer event, former Universidad de Chile striker Diego Rivarola was given a footbag and put on a short show for the crowd gathered.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEWyZCrX_j8]
To know some of Diego Rivarola’s exploits on the field, see this homenaje video created after his retirement in 2011. He is particularly known for last minute goals against Colo Colo in the superclásico. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZstqiAsVICM]


“Gokú”, who scored more than 100 goals for Universidad de Chile spent the morning signing autographs for excited fans. Rivarola was not the only person to get involved with footbag, with some of the young players having a turn. The footbags were donated by Flying Clipper helping with education programs in Chile.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPAqSNzJzF0]

Daniel Boyle teamed up with freestyle football player Cata Vega, who represented Chile at the 2012 Red Bull Street Style in Italy, to give an impromptu demonstration.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnFZ1jhQvBs]


The team that wins the tournament will represent Chile at the Danone Nations Cup in London later in the year.

Next week there will be some more footbag interactions at junior tournaments, with Daniel Boyle giving a demonstration at the Rumbo al Milk Cup 2013 tournament in Colina. Daniel will be giving English lessons to the winning team to prepare them for the journey to Northern Ireland.



Apr 9

The moment finally arrived, the shipment of footbags from Flying Clipper made it to Chile.

Chile children

The children at Colegio Los Almendros in La Florida were the first to receive the bags and were very excited. These students have been playing footbag every Friday to help their English.

Among others who will receive the footbags over the coming months are some of Chile best freestyle football players, as well as Olympic athletes who have also been receiving English classes.

Chilean athletes English

The donation is an incredible opportunity to build the Footbag community in Chile and the rest of South America, with plans underway to build a competition from the English programs.

It is hoped that the application for the Chilean government program “Start-Up Chile will be a great success. You can see what’s happening in Chile in the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jnGAob7984?list=UU7QJzEVU2QNDgBCBFgB8iZw]

Footbag Chile gives a huge thankyou to Flying Clipper and a vamos to all Chilenos to start playing this great sport!!

Mar 20

With all students back at school, it was time for Footbag to return to the classes in Chile. After making a very successful alliance in 2012, the first school to return to was Colegio Los Almendros in La Florida.

La Florida is an outer suburb of Santiago and Los Almendros is a public school there. Once again the children were very enthusiastic, with many retaining their skills from the classes last year.

The classes in 2013 will look to add even more to the program. Students joined Daniel Boyle last year at the school sports day presentation, thanking the crowd in English and showing off their new skills.

This year, there are plans to host a footbag competition at the school, before getting nearby schools to take up the challenge and compete in a regional tournament.

Flying Clipper has made a great donation of footbags to Chile, which should be arriving in the country shortly. After giving a presentation about Sports and Education at the recent Edcamp Santiago, Daniel Boyle has opened up possibilities for classes at more schools and hopes to create a larger scale program this year.

Mar 14

We get a lot of great reviews of our products from professional jugglers, and it always warms our hearts to know jugglers out there are getting the most possible use in the most extreme environments out of their Flying Clipper juggling props

Rhys Thomas is a juggler from Portland, OR. He recently got his hands on some of our Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls and he had some absolutely fantastic words to share about them! Read here:

I’ve juggled Flying Clipper bags professionally for over 20 years. During this run of kinetic employment, I’ve put various Flying Clipper bags to the test of street shows, stage shows and festival shows. I’ve had Flying Clipper bags that have gotten wet, sat under heavy props, been run over (oops), stepped on by livestock, got teethed on by babies and all survived to be juggled another day.

On St. Lawrence Island, Alaska in February, just uphill from the frozen whale head on the beach, I set my bowling ball down and it cracked from being so cold and brittle. My fingers were stiff and the clubs inflicted pain with each catch, but my Flying Clipper Tossaball Hybrid bags stayed supple and soft as ever.

In Abu Dhabiit was 113 degrees Fahrenheit and oh so humid. My Flying Clipper Tossaball Phat Tyre bags performed beautifully even as they soaked up the sweat dripping down my arms.

The only problem I’ve had has been rats eating them during the late Fall when the cold drives the little nibblers into my studio. Imagine my delight when the Phat Tyre bags (which hold no seed and smell more rubbery than like yummy human sweat) survived unmolested this mouse season.


“It takes a lot of balls to make it as a juggler. I get mine at Flying Clipper.”


 –Rhys Thomas




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