Nov 27
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DENNIS ROSS at the net!

DENNIS ROSS at the net!

As many of you know Dennis Ross is a founding partner of Flying Clipper (est April 2, 1983). Dennis is also my cousin in as much as our mothers are sisters. I remember on a visit many years ago to see my favorite aunt and cousins, I brought along my Hacky Sack…yes Hacky Sack!  This was several years before before Flying Clipper became a business and even before Soc Sac was invented. Everyone kicked with a Hacky Sack because that is all there was and we were thankful. Dennis and I with a very young Leah (Leah Faust, also my cousin), formed a circle in front of their home and I was showing both how to kick the footbag. It was not an easy game to learn in those early days and it could be a little intimidating to new players. Dennis however learned to walk before he could crawl. If memory serves me correctly he walked at 10 months old. His mother watched from the porch and we talked as I took a break to let the two do their best to keep the footbag in the air. My Aunt Shirley said “Dennis is good at whatever he does and he will be good at this game as well.” Boy was that an understatement of the facts. Little did we know at the time that Dennis would rise to be an elite footbag player in both footbag freestyle and footbag net. Winning multiple footbag national and world championships, Dennis is also a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame . Reed Gray and I could see his potential in those early years. Kenny Shults once told me that Dennis combines his freestyle moves as no one else ever has. He had a way of starting his routines from point “A” and building into a dynamic degree of high difficulty while maintaining and ease of control that made his moves seem effortless to those who were watching.

As in the photo above, you would not want to see his spike coming at you on the net court. I know I have been tagged a few times with his net spike and I did not appreciate it.:-) I may have tagged him once…once… maybe! I have always been great full for my association with the footbag community and the memories I have are of good times with close friends and Dennis Ross is both a friend and I am happy to say family as well.

Dennis Ross Flying High

Dennis Ross Flying High


Hacky Sack is a registered trademark of Whamo.




. Well that was an understatement at the least as many know how great a player he became. Dennis Ross aka “DR” as in ” The Doctor is In, is a multiple time National and World Footbag Champion and is a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame.



Nov 14
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vintageoctoeThis photo was sent to us to see if we knew anything about it. We do! Flying Clipper was established in 1983 and this footbag was made in our first year of production. It was made by Jim “Toes” Fitzgerald co-founder of Flying Clipper. Back then all of the footbags were hand prepped as well as hand sewn. Starting from a raw piece of cowhide leather we first dyed the colors and then the patterns were hand drawn on the leather and then we hand cut the pieces and lastly we hand punched all the holes. That was all before hand sewing it. This footbag sold for $10.00 retail. Thanks for the photo M G, it refreshes the memory banks! :=)

Nov 12

This is our fourth year donating to this wonderful cause. What better way to honor Martin Luther King than to offer a free holiday meal for the Eugene Oregon community. Thanks to Becca English-Ross we have been given this opportunity to make a difference in our community. Think globally, act locally is a good axiom and putting footbags and juggle balls into the hands of kids is a positive re-enforcement that we love to share.

MLKholiday meal flyer 2013

MLKholiday-meal-flyer-2013 (2)

MLK Education Center

Opportunity • Partners • Success


 Flying Clipper

Jim Fitzgerald

Dear Jim Fitzgerald,

Thank you for your very generous contribution of 12 juggle balls and 24 footbags from Flying Clipper to the MLK Education Center.  This letter will serve as your receipt.  Your contributions will help make our 8th Annual Holiday Community Meal a success as we will give away many of them in a free raffle on 12/11 during the event and the remainder will be given to the MLK Culinary youth and students that helped prepare, serve, and clean up after this event for 300 or more. Many youth enjoy kicking “hacky sack”.  Having a footbag in their pocket will provide them a positive, pro-social option to boredom, an opportunity to play, gain skills, and physical fitness.  We really appreciate your long-term support for youth, families and the community!


Becca English-Ross

Employment Specialist

MLK Education Center

Lane County Youth Services

(541) 682-2419


Oct 27

Flying Clipper  revolutionized freestyle competition with the Juice Facile. At the Footbag National Championships (the World Championships of its day)  in 1985 as Kenny Shults (winner of more than 50 National and World Championships) was accepting his “all-around” footbag championship honors, he took out his new Juice Facile Footbag, rolled it in his hands and said: “This is the Juiciest footbag I have ever kicked”. The crowd all started chanting “JUICE, JUICE, JUICE, JUICE. Hats off to Shannon Aubin of the Awesom Aubins who was living in Eugene and working at a local fabric shop. She told us “you should try out this new fabric called Facile “. Thanks Shannon! Without you the Juice Facile could never have been born. Your contributions have been many in number and we thank you.

Oct 23

Testimonial text from Paul Vorvick

10/23/13 Hi Jim,


I was kicking my Juice yesterday and realized that it was the very same bag that Tricia George and I used to set a Guinness World Record with in 2006:

I continue to be impressed with the variety of designs and quality of products you bring to the world. Keep up the good work! ~Paul Vorvick, Flying Clipper Fan #1

May 28

Flying Clipper is happy to be a part of footbag history.

We pioneered so many styles of footbag along the years here at Flying Clipper. We think this new project by John Stalberger on Kickstarter is fantastic because the history of footbag is so rich with so many stories of good friends.

We’re happy to be a part of that history and happy to support this Kickstarter campaign to see the release of the book about the history of Footbag aka Hacky Sack. The book is called “Hack the Sack.” It will be once it gets funded that is! Go check it out now and help out!

And as a part of telling that story, John is talking on Sunday’s about the history of the sport of footbag on Blog Talk Radio. This is a great service and we’re so stoked to see John telling his stories in a way that you can listen in anytime you like for years to come.

The History of the Footbag Sport

Play this show in your own music player.


All this leads up to the Kickstarter campaign! There is a limited time left to get this book funded! Get a custom footbag limited only to project backers at the $30 level, as well as the book of course! You can also get a signed footbag and book for $70! Many other reward levels available, even for $5, go check it out!


May 14


May 3

Flying Clipper is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the 2013 Green Cup in the SF Bay Area this year!!

We sent them a dozen Freestyle footbags, and a dozen Net footbags! This event happens every year and it’s really really cool! You can’t beat the Lake Merritt environment for a footbag competition. It’s so peaceful and serene and it’s great to be next to the water. The event will also take place in San Francisco, so those travelling for it will experience truly some of the best the Bay Area has to offer. It is sure to be an event to remember.


Here is more event info from the organizers, Chaos Footbag Club in Oakland, CA:

The Chaos Footbag Club is pleased to announce that online registration is
now open for the 2013 Green Cup Presented by Chaos.

Please register now at:

(registration will be open through May 23rd).

This event will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, in the San
Francisco Bay Area. This event is one of the largest footbag net tournaments
in terms of quality of play in the world! Once again we are pleased to
offer both net and freestyle disciplines with top freestylers in
attendance! This event is not to be missed!

This year the event will again be held on Sat and Sun in *Oakland and *Sunday
in *San Francisco, California*. Qualification rounds will be at Lake
Merritt on Saturday and Sunday; Freestyle will be held at Bushrod
Recreation Center; while Championship Monday will be held outdoors at
Peacock Meadow in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco! The event website is

*Net Events* offered include: open singles, open doubles, open women’s
singles, open women’s doubles, open mixed doubles, intermediate singles,
intermediate doubles.

*Freestyle Events* will be held entirely at Bushrod Recreation Center in
Oakland with the following events offered: open/women’s/intermediate
singles routines, circle contest, sick 3-trick

Please mark the date and book your travel arrangements!

We look forward to hosting you!

John Leys, #4
Chaos Footbag Club

May 1

This review came up on our Rave Reviews section of the site and we thought we’d share it:

Dirtbag footbags
I have restarted my interest in kicking footbags after a decades long absence and have purchased lots of footbags in the past few months. I love these Dirtbag bags for how well they stall and kick in general. The Mighty Mite is great for just kicking for consecutives as it is easy to control and stall while the larger Phat Tyre bag will stall on the end of a finger. All I need to do is get my foot in the general vicinity of the bag and it will stall for me. These bags are great for control and a long and invigorating aerobic workout.

–John Read


Rave Reviews

Flying Clipper invites our customers to submit a review. Please use the below link to submit a review.

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Apr 15

A Footbag Golf Story For The Ages

I played professional footbag for 20 years, retiring in 1998 from footbag golf. I had already given up competition in freestyle and net and footbag golf was the last footbag event that I played competitively. I have won more than a few tournaments. As anyone who has played footbag golf knows and for those of you who do not, the golf holes are above ground and have the dimensions of 18” round and 18” high. The holes are cone shaped with a tray at the bottom for roll up puts from outside of a 30 foot putting circle. In my years of playing footbag golf I learned the wisdom of the roll up and would most often position my approach shots to land at about 30 feet so that I could have a “two for one” option of making it into the basket or rolling up into the bottom tray. I worked hard on my 30 foot puts in practice and in my best days I could hit 7 of 10 shots from 30 feet. Most went into the basket but about 25% of them would land in the roll up tray. I learned how to roll the entire 30 feet with some puts when conditions dictated.

I also manufacture footbags and on one of my visits overseas  for production, my hosts would go golfing everyday at about 4:00 p.m.. They would play on a private course owned and operated by the local military. It was a 9 hole course. Being left handed and never once playing regular ball golf, I tagged along with my hosts from hole to hole on their round. When they would finish putting and go to the next tee, I would pull out my three putters that always carried around in my pocket and take a few quick puts before catching up with my friends at the next green. I did this all the way around the course. When we all reached the final hole and as my friends finished their putting, they were greeting by an Army Major who ran the golf course. I saw them pointing at me and lifting their legs as they described to the Major that I played a different kind of golf. They wanted me to demonstrate…

“They wanted me to demonstrate…”

Now I knew that I had not made one putt on any of the eight previous holes I putted but I took out my three beauties and focused on the lie. Remember this is not an 18” round, 18” high footbag golf hole. This is a standard ball golf hole. I determined about a one foot break to the left and downhill from my spot at about 30 feet above and to the right of the hole. I lined up my first attempt and it rolled with a perfect break down the hill and into the cup. They all clapped. I line up my second putt and rolled it to a near perfect putt missing off to the right by 6”. Big sigh from the crowd. I lined up my third putt and rolled another perfect break right into the cup to a rousing ovation. I do not tell this story often because when I do, it sounds to whacky to be believable. This story is true and is the one thing in footbag golf I remember best of all, even in the face of my last tournament where I made two “holes in one” in 18 holes at the Western Regionals at Stanford University.


–Jim Toes Fitzgerald

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