Mar 27

Bill Coad continues posting new multiplex juggling records using Flying Clipper handmade balls. This one is for 10 ball quadplex and he manages 100 catches to set a new record. Bill could use other balls for his record attempts but he understands our commitment to producing a juggle ball for every discipline of juggling. We appreciate Bills’ efforts and we are sending him our latest offering of 8 new 32 panel 2.55″ RECYCLED rubber filled juggle balls. We have designed these beauties to fit Bills style of juggling and we hope it will help him achieve his next record. Thanks Bill and keep up the good work.

32 Panel Recycled Rubber Filled Juggle Balls

32 Panel Recycled Rubber Filled Juggle Balls


Feb 4

Since 1983 we here at Flying Clipper have forged our own path along handmade ball design. After more than 30 years of manufacturing we are happy to be creating a new line of hand made balls using our own original designs and employing recycled rubber and recycled plastic pellets in our efforts to make the best balls available in today’s highly competitive market place.  The response has been so good that we will be adding several new models this season, solidifying our line-up. Creating a juggle ball for every type of juggling from stage/performance balls to high numbers and multiplex juggling disciplines is what we are all about . From our now famous Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls to our new recycled rubber filled Phat Tyre juggle balls, ALL of our balls are completely machine washable. We encourage prospective customers to do a little research and find out what other jugglers are recommending and then come see us here at Flying Clipper. We know you will be glad you did. See you in Clipperville!

Toissaball Hybrid

   Toissaball Hybrid

Phat Tyre Pro 90
Phat Tyre Pro 90



Oct 14 Fun at its best in Asheville!

Hello!  I wanted to briefly thank you for sponsoring our festival this year.  Thanks to your donation, we were able to offer exciting desirable raffle prizes which helped raise money so that we can keep our festival free!

Please enjoy this short video of the highlights of the festival, and feel free the share the video with others:

We will keep your logo and a link to your website on our website ( ) until we begin setting up the website for next year’s festival.

As soon as we know the date of the next festival, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again for your support and we here at The Asheville Juggling Festival wish you the best!
May 28

This is our 2nd year sponsoring MadSkillz Vancouver :)

We sent them a Seven Ball Set of our new Tossaball Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Balls for their raffle to give away to one lucky raffle winner at the event!! Don’t forget to enter the raffle!!

Image and Excerpts from the Madskillz Official Website

 Welcome to Madskillz Vancouver!

We present Vancouver’s annual flow-juggle-spin festival on the east side of the city over an extended weekend in June, and throughout the year our crew and members of our extended community can be found at local hoop jams, juggle clubs, circus schools, and performing at public and private events.

Get Madskillz Vancouver 2013 Festival Info Here

Buy Your Tickets for Madskillz Vancouver 2013!

May 22

We’ve released two new additions to our Tossaball Phat Tyre line-up for you to enjoy this summer!


Phatty 14 Fleece Juggle Ball

Introducing the new Phat Tyre Fleece 14 juggle ball. This one marries our brightly colored  fleece fabric to our already famous ground up recycled tire rubber filler making a very sweet juggling ball with attributes that we are sure you will like. The colors of these balls are outstanding and one satisfied customer says its like juggling a rainbow.We love feedback like that and if you get these beauties, you can add your feedback as well. We know you will love these and as always we guaranty your satisfaction. As in all of our juggle balls this one is machine washable.

Weight: 110 grams

Diameter: 2.55″



Tossaball Phat Tyre Pro Juggler

This is our latest model to date and we think our best effort so far. Our classic 32 panel design combined with our new but popular recycled tire rubber filler to a 90% fill volume achieving the best in feel, grip and stable flight. When designing these balls it usually takes a good amount of feedback from our customers to tweak the offering to the just right point that satisfies almost everyone. This one is it! 100% handmade and completely washable, this is the one you have asked for and we have delivered. Hats off to our customers for all of your feedback.

Weight: 125 grams

Diameter: 2.75″